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  1. Suggested places to party on a Wednesday night?

    Thanks for the input! All I can do now is look at websites and keep your reviews well in mind. MIX looks hot. I've been trying to find out ICE's lineup for August, but it's not posted. Just cuz Deep Dish is there for one Wednesday, might not mean they get headlining DJ's every Wednesday. Not that I need a headlining DJ, but just saying. I'm only going to be there for a few nights, so I wouldn't mind going to a lounge where I can sit back/stand back and drink, then later, to a club-type atmosphere. For a Wednesday night, are club passes or VIP passes suggested for the places mentioned in the above replies?
  2. What are the best spots to drink and dance on a Wednesday night? I know that ICE just started a Wed night party, but what else is out there?
  3. Dumonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dumonde pounded the floor with their set. They played what you expected them too. Venue wasn't that great, as well as the turnout. I'd like to think that getting a venue like Shelter helped keep ticket costs down to $22? They could've left Lange at home so Dumonde could've started earlier then 3:30. I hope this doesn't discourage Dumonde to come back to NY and Airborne to continue their hard trance events.
  4. vegas newbie: AVB?

    AVB was crazy! (Although I liked his set at the Roxy better). The nitrous blasts are really something to experience, especially when Adagio For Strings was playing. $100 bar tab card went quickly, but a great deal.
  5. AVB @ The Roxy Review

    binary finary! omfg. i didnt think i'd ever hear this again live. too bad there were kids in there who never heard this song b4. seeing him at Ice @ LV next month....
  6. for space - pvd night? or can i get by without one, esp since they're no longer available?
  7. is it worth the extra money?
  8. new AVALON Line up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does avalon have a website ?
  9. Coldplay - Clocks

    There's also the Heaven and Earth Division Remix...
  10. has anyone ever gone to a club before?
  11. Picotto was awesome, although i do miss the Pulsar and Komodo days.
  12. My review @ ROXY with PVD

    he may have played the same song twice, although in different versions. but it was nice to hear those remixes, especially when he started off with an alternative version of Nothing But You (Arctic?). that got me going.
  13. pvd @ arc

    the tracks from 1:45-2:15 were incredible. f'n incredible... by far, that is THE BEST charity event i've ever been too haha. i think all charity events should be like that. btw, pvd rocks.