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  1. Donde esta J. A.?

    Hi All- If you personally know someone with these initials, let them know that they are in BIG TROUBLE!! Let him, Joe, know that I'm coming for him, ready or not. Smooches.
  2. sex in the office!

    I beg your pardon.
  3. my 2 favorite places in nj..............

    Is fake all of a sudden hot. What ever happened to natural beauty? Natural beauty be the baddest beauty-forever and always!
  4. another reason to vote for bush...........

    LMAO.. I hope you were being sarcastic. The truth of the matter is, nothing would be more pleasing to the "terrorists" than to behead Bushy and his croonies. The cowards aren't falling, the innocent are. Then again everything happens for a reason. It's in the higher powers hands now, it's a force much greater than man.
  5. sex in the office!

    How tacky and unprofessional. I wouldn't even date a co-worker! Some people have no class, usually it's a certain group of people who think they're the best yet they're the biggest sinners....
  6. Morning After Pill

    There is no $ in a cure- pharmaceuticals are good investments at times but nothing more. I wish I knew of a natural herb that took care of that. Very risky- be careful.
  7. Aggresive vs non aggresive

    I thought this was a different type of thread? I guess these girls don't know who they are yet. It takes awhile to know thyself. Since real women wouldn't have it!! These girls are likely to stay in relationships which are abusive on all levels. They'll fall for the "I love you, baby... this is the last time... I'll never do it again". Ladies like myself would just simply ...
  8. girls do you get turned on by porn?

    Jez Louise some of these signatures! I watch a variety of porn and I mean a variety! Most of the time I'll take a part of what I see in porn and my own imagination and wala! I've been abstinent for an approx. 3 yrs so it's a necessity.
  9. First Dates

    lmao... funny response.
  10. Sexy Lady Needed To Lick A Sexy Guys Big Feet

    only $50.00
  11. Best Advice Ever

  12. Come Clean

    many moons ago.. i met peps from this site and engaged in sexual relations with them. it was all good n dandy until somebody gets hurt. some guys can't take the emotional aspect of sleeping with a virgin. ... i'm having so much fun...
  13. i'm back...

    it seems i wasn't missing much after all. sex is still sex.
  14. i'm back...

    that made me giggle, flip.
  15. Working Corporate

    your pic is a bit overwhelming...