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  1. Coming down from Boston need help..

    WTF are you still doing here??? Not sure what i am doing here myself...
  2. boo, motherfuckers

    Its all you this year, Jroo...too bad i will be out of town.
  3. Saturday 9.18

    I should be there too. Was gonna go to Five for Pete Moss, but since theres a GN party at andalu, i might as well check it out. So, it better be EPIC, lol...
  4. Jan 23. Fetish DJ Portia Surreal with EMC Crew @ Club

    Good thing you did. It was horrible. The EMC guys were very good, but once Portia came on i fet ike my ears are about to bleed. No mixing skills, sucky track selection (she was all over the place), and she wasnt nekkid ( i left early).
  5. ATTN: RAY KANG or other DC house promoters

    i remeber reading that he was banned, but what exactly happened?
  6. getting around italy

    I just came back yesterday. Took a train from Rome to Venice and it took 4.5 hours on Eurostar. The cost is around 45 Euros. Florence is even closer - 1.5 hours away on the same train (it stops there on the way to Venice).
  7. Hybrid on Friday

    I plan on going too.
  8. DJ ALY DN @ FIVE with PROXXY and X-DREAM 3D Party!!!

    Its actually Roma- Milan on Jan 6th...Gonna be a sellout and that means - madhouse. Cant wait!!! Oh, and BTW, i got a letter from UEFA this week confirming the allocation of my tickets for Portugal this summer. Russia is playing in Faro which is in Algavre region - one of the best resort areas in the world....The tickets are cheap - only 35 euros. I get to see every game russia plays, even the final (if they make it there). So, choke on this, Vic...
  9. What did Santa bring you?

    I got one too...Sd100 - very, very nice...
  10. DJ ALY DN @ FIVE with PROXXY and X-DREAM 3D Party!!!

    Going to Italy tommorrow...Woot!!! Not Florence though - Rome...
  11. What did Santa bring you?

    And thats the best kind of sex, lol...So, in reality, its not an even trade-off, the TV is a better gift. I want one:boohoo:
  12. What did Santa bring you?

    Dont worry - thats an even trade off.
  13. what are some good clubs in rome italy

    i am off to Rome in 2 days. WOOT!!!! No clue whats going there though...Anyone???
  14. atten: jamiroguy1

    Damn! Some people, i tell ya....