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  1. I Love Neptunes

    DEF my fave place too!! hence my name..hehe
  2. Rest In Peace "Aaron Swank"

    i am still in total shock and disbelief. i am terribly sad that this happened. aaron was a great guy with lots of talent. R.I.P aaron u will be missed!!!!!
  3. who is the best DJ in NEW JERSEY

    Aaron Swank :D plays the best music.
  4. once me and this guy were staring at eachother for quite some time.. i finally worked up the nerve to go up to him and i said...."i figured i would say Hi for u to make it easier..." nevertheless i dont think he was very impressed....
  5. leg hair

    i think trimming it sounds good. (if it bothers u that much)
  6. does anyone go dancing alone?

    i cant do it.. i need at least one other person to be out with me.. ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*
  7. Clubbing Alone: Stigmatized or Respectable?

    there is no way in HELL that i would ever be able to go clubbing alone.. i would do whatever it takes to try and find some new clubbing friends.. or just not go out..i mean there are sometimes that i would want to go out but my frieds arent available so i end up stayin home... ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~* [This message has been edited by neptune (edited 07-15-2001).]

    its for anxiety..i was perscribed it because i myself have serious insomnia.. so i pop one of those around bedtime.. and it just relaxes me nicely..it doesnt put u in a daze like that other shit.. so i relax.. lie down in bed and fall asleep.. and the next day i feel great!! no grogginess or hangover..the only thing is that my mouth is dry.. which isnt a big deal, just drink water..lol ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*
  9. anal sex

    i like's..... ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*
  10. AMBIEN

    Ambien is only recommended for shor term use. ive taken it before and i dont like the way it made me feel.. even though it did make me sleepy it wasnt good.. i prefer Kolonopin, (its similar to Valium) i find that it relaxes me just enough to let me fall asleep peacefully .. and even more so after a night of partying.. ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*
  11. Allowing Your Girl to Go CLUBBIN???

    if i have a boyfriend and go clubbing without him i DONT dance with other guys.. thats not my style. b/c dancing can sometimes get too close for comfort and i wouldnt want to put myself in that kind of position. i wouldnt mind if he wanted to go out clubbing without me.. as long as he wouldnt care if i did too... ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*
  12. ive met people from AOL but nothing serious. ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*
  13. AMEN i couldnt have said it better myself!!!! ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*
  14. Ladies, Would You Work At 'Hooters'???

    i would..prob would, its not like ur naked or u have to strip and do some kind of dance.. u just wear a tight tank top.. big deal. most girls wear worse things when they go out. .. i mean hey if u got the body and the tits i dont see why not.. ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*
  15. Boyfriends and strip clubs

    boyz will be boyzz... they can love their girlfriend more then anything in the world.. but the animal instinct to have wandering eyes never dies.. as long as he's faithful to u.... he can look all he wants.. at least u know he's comin home to u. ------------------ *~HyPtNoTiZe~*