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  1. DXM (need help quick)

    I've never robotripped, but I want to tonight. I just need to know the basics. Whats the exact bottle I need? How much should I drink? I heard 3/4 of the bottle. Is it fun? Is it safe? Could it be lethal? If I do this, it'll be in the next few hours, so the first person who answers this has my eternal respect and graditude. Thanks *Sabre*
  2. Hi all. Havn't been here in a while. Well, Saturday is my last and final drug day. I've commited myself to quitting everything, so Saturday is the last day I'm partying. It's my friends birthday. So, I tried K a few nights ago. I love that stuff. Weed is always nice, and finally, I just got some valium by my mother of all people. It's a small yellow pill. One side of the pill says barr, and the otherside has numbers. I have 3 pills. I know one won't do a whole lot for you, I've tried, but if you popped 2 or 3, it would give some nice effects, right? I don't know a whole lot about the drug. Mostly, I want to know if it's worth it, and if it can be mixed with K. Thanks. *Sabre*
  3. Has anyone tried...

    E.com's? The pill has a big "E" on it. Last week, I bought a bunk Superman pill, and it really pissed me off. Hopefully, I won't have any trouble. One thing though. The girl I took the exact same pill with rolled her ass off. Many others that were sold the same type of pill were rolling hard too. Could it just be me? I'm trying to figure out why it didn't work. Some people said it might just be the way my body works, but I've rolled 3 times in my life and they worked every time. Granted, I havn't rolled since August, but I thought my first roll would be the best because of that. Anyway, I'm taking those E.com's tomorrow night. If I waste another 20 bucks, I think I'll be done with E all together. I can't waste this amount of money. Hopefully things will go well. Anyway, thanks. Cheers! *Sabre*
  4. Cool shit to do while tripping

    Sorry, I've been on vacation. Well, it was damn fun. I took one green "playboy" geltab. After about 20 minuetes, things started to kick in so for the hell of it, I took the other gel tab I had. Let me tell you, I was mad tripping!. For an hour I could not move, all I could do is stare at the ceiling. I decided to watch the movie "Heavy Metal" You guys have to try watching this on acid, it's incredible. Next, I felt dirty for some reason, so I decided to take a shower. At this point, I'm peaking really hard. I turned the shower on as hot as it could be. I let the room steam up to the point where you can't see in front of you. Try that while tripping! That was my favorite part. After, I was thinking of some other stuff to do, but first I wanted to smoke a few joints. That brought me way higher than I've ever been. After, I stared at my puppy for a while and really tripped the dog out. She just kept looking right into my eyes, as if she new I wasn't in my right frame of mind. I then put on dark side of the moon which I've never done till now. I now realize why thats the number one album to have if you fry. At this point I'm about 4 hours into it (it lasted about 12). I then went out into the desert. I live in Tucson in a very remote location. It's true what they say, nothing is better than nature. I saw like a ton of little doves fly by in what seems to be a perfect pattern. I then went back inside and layed down for a while. For an encore I decided to drink a bottle of really cheap wine. It worked and I got a buzz off of that. I don't really like alcohol but when on acid, I seem to like everyone and everything. The last thing I did until I started coming was go out to my fishpond outside. I have about 50 goldfish and beautiful colorful koi. I have never felt more at peace then just watching my fich swin by me. It was like a rainbow trailed them as they swam. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. Well, thats it. This coming saturday I get to candyflip for the first time. I wonder how thats gonna be. I can't wait. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. *Sabre*
  5. need help!

    Hey everyone. Havn't been here in a while. Well, I am a daily pot smoker. 2-3 times a day. It used to be fun till I gained a tolerance level like no other. I literally smoked 6 bowls yesterday and I got nothing. Now, I realize I have to quit for there is no other way. However, I am an addict. I can say that. Weed is very addictive for some people like me. I've decided to quit for 2-3 weeks which should bring my level down to a reasonable level. Until then however, I need something else. Something that makes me happy. Now before everyone yells at me for saying I need something, please don't. I'm being completely honest here. I do a lot of stuff like Acid, shrooms and ecstacy, but all of those can not be done every day. I try to do one of those every few weeks. So, what can I do? What is there that can be used daily but is as safe as weed is. I won't touch any white powder like coke or crack and I'm not a fan of alcohol. Please help me. I'm going through a really bad time right now and I not only need something, but I want it as well. Please help me. Thanks *Sabre*
  6. Hey all. I'm taking 2 gel tabs on monday. I'll be home alone and I havn't fried for a whole month. It should be great. I've tripped only once before with acid (many times on shrooms) however, it was at a local carnival which was fucking fun. I was also with 3 of my closest friends. Now, I'll be home alone for like 8 hours, and I want to keep myself occupied with some unique cool stuff to do. When I started taking "E", usually I'd just lay there and enjoy until I found out how great it is to take a shower or rub your back on carpet or stuff like that. this is the same question only pertaining to acid. So, name everything awsome you've done while tripping. Thanks *Sabre*
  7. Need help!!!

    I'm rolling tonight for the first time since early august. I can't wait. Anyway, I was the guy that was a afraid of the PMA. If I take a half a pill, then the other half later, will my roll be decreaced? I mean, if I feel all weird with the first half, then I'll know if it's shit. I wonder how much it takes to kill you? If I took one half and it was PMA, I should be alright, right? I hope so. This is a dangerous world. Thanks *Sabre*
  8. Pink Hearts?

    Well, I've decided to roll again. I still fear PMA, but I've found a lot of info since then. It turns out that everyone who died took the same pill. White or beige double stacked mitsubishis. They all also took multiple pills. Plus, these hearts I have turned black/purple in like 5 seconds, so that means it's either pure MDMA, or pretty damn close. So, I havn't rolled since august, and my dealer gave me these "Pink Hearts". Are they good? I want this to be the best fucking roll I've ever had. I didn't quit for alomost 4 months for nothing. So, any info you have on these would be great. Thanks *Sabre*
  9. Afraid to roll...

    I've rolled 3 times, and damn, I loved it every time. The last pill I took was in August. The reason I quit was fear of PMA. Getting cooked from the inside out doesn't seem like a lot of fun. The problem is, you will die from it. It's not like, lets get to a hospital because by that time, your organs will have already ceased to work. Anyway, I love rolling like I said. Is there a way to detect this shit? Is there a way to know your safe? I would have thought that more people would fear this. You will die if you take it, and that scares the hell out of me. I trust my dealer, and he told me he has some ecstacy in the shape of hearts. Don't know if those are any good, but I still won't take them unless I know. what should I do? Thanks Cheers! *Sabre*
  10. I thought more people would fear this because it will kill you, but apparently everyone is just rolling away. I'm not however. Ecstacy used to be my favorite drug, but I had to give it up for fear I could die. Is there a way to find out if your pill has this shit in it besides sending it somewhere. I can't do that, and I can't order an E-Z kit either. I used to be able to pop anything whenever but, the moron who put this shit into the pill should die. What do I do? Do I just give it up? thanks *Sabre*
  11. Hey everyone. Well, I've gotten to the point where it takes 5 bowls to get me a little high, and that pisses me off. So...about how long would you suggest for me to quit. I want it to be like I'm smoking up for the first time, and one hit knocks you out. I thought 2-3 weeks, but what do I know. Thanks for any answers *Sabre*
  12. Ok, someone told me that there is a shroom/acid cross tolerance of about 30%. Now, I have no idea how to relate that to time, but I havn't shroomed since friday the 13th. Now, I have a gel tab I want to take on monday which means that I will have waited 10 days. Is that enough time? I've been smoking a lot of weed since then, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. There was one time I took some acid about a week after I shroomed, and all I got was some mild effects. I just want to make sure this'll work because I won't get a chance to do this for a very long time. Now, have i waited long enough? Is there a way to make yourself even better so you won't be as tollerant? I just don't want to take the acid and then be dissapointed an hour into it. What's sad is that I can't take ecstacy anymore for fear that it might be PMT and kill me, so thats why I do a lot of halluciogens, but I havn't been able to get any acid for a very long time, so I want this to work and work very well. Thanks for the help *Sabre*
  13. Weed and alcohol

    I wnated to lay low tonight, so I figured I'd just stick with weed, but I'm bored. I wanted to spice it up a little. So, if I get really drunk and then smoke a few bowls, will I have a good high? Thanks *Sabre*
  14. What's DMT?

    A friend of mine is brining some back from L.A. this weekend. All she knows and told me the same is that it's an orange powder you smoke out of a crack pipe, and it's the strongest hallucinogen out there and it can last all of 3 seconds, or up to a half and hour. Am I right? Is there anything else I need to know? Is it moderatly safe? Thanks Cheers! *Sabre*
  15. Need help

    Ok, it seems to me that the overall drug discussed here is Ecstacy. My question is, are you all scared to take it? I just had to give a bunch of pills back to my dealer for fear that it was PMA. Some teens died near where I live. Is that what it's come to? We all have to live in fear when we want to roll? Do any of you for sure know what you were or are taking? I've only done this 3 times, but all those time's I too, them I was so naive, I didn't know I could die. I'm just so depressed. Soon, I'm sure Acid will be laced with some lethal shit, and then I'll have to leave the synthetic world all together. I want some X, but am to afraid to take any. It sucks to be me. *Sabre*