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  1. RumoR Fridays

    sorry doubled up..how do u delete?
  2. RumoR Fridays

    ur absolutely right.....wifey stays in from now on. new rule haha....
  3. RumoR Fridays

    hey hey hey dont kill the messenger, i heard it went down to 7 bucks ...
  4. RumoR Fridays

    no....im playing THIS friday with matty.....tool
  5. RumoR Fridays

    sup ..havent posted in ages, wanted to let everyone know there is great new night going on at Rumor in Boston..Come down this week ill be playing with Resident Matt Fonstein aka Dj Tasty for a little reunion and celebrating a few close friends birthday parties...check it out before Therapy/Rise or wherever, stop by the drink prices finally dropped! Drop us a line, or email for more info.. thanks for ur time nailz www.djnailz.net
  6. song id

    spektrum - kinda new(tiefschwartz dub) ? only thing that came to mind..hope it helps
  7. AVALAND Friday's & SEXXY Saturday's @ AVALON

    hey kar(iss)a.... whats up.. :D :D :D more smilies for ya'll..
  8. AVALAND Friday's & SEXXY Saturday's @ AVALON

    i/d saturday- Statik Selektah..hip hop, r&b, reggae.. 19+... i/d fridays - currently no one...
  9. AVALAND Friday's & SEXXY Saturday's @ AVALON

    keep checkin the avalon website.. www.avalonboston.com
  10. AVALAND Friday's & SEXXY Saturday's @ AVALON

    as far i know, no, superchumbo is not confirmed(maybe donald glaude) , but the 20th is a friday and i play on saturdays so you wont be stuck with me cheers
  11. Peach Girl Model Search @ Avalon

    yay. thanks for the compliment. saturday is gonna be nice....
  12. Cave - Street Carnival.....i think?
  13. Dj Scot song ID...

    Nope, I heard Scott Bond play it a while back up hear at the Roxy, it was basically just hard beats with a piano melody then kicked in hard, sick song.
  14. Dj Scot song ID...

    Its got just a piano riff in the breakdown, then goes back to that scot project hard beat..any ideas??
  15. ??

    Thanks for the kind words guys...I figured everyone on this board seems to know their shit pretty well so, I gave it a shot. I just got a new phone and wanted to download some shit on it.