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  1. Saturday April 7

    This Saturday John Debo and Dave Ralph at Avalon. Nuff Said.

    Too bad the DJs that Carmine mentioned are all in each other's pockets....and HARDLY the best DJs in Boston...... The most hyped (by their own friends) on these types of board..YES....the best DJs in Boston.....NO WAY. The Best DJs in Boston are Steve Porter, DJ Bruno, Tym Ryan, Ali Ajami, John Debo, Osheen, Fran Engelhardt...people who play REAL MUSIC in REAL CLUBS.....NO cheesy ass Trance, no crappy euro pop.....straight up, progressive beats, deep house and techno... Ask anyone outside of these smalled minded message boards, if they know any of Carmine's DJs...... Then ask them if they know John Debo or Tym Ryan..... nuff said.
  3. Hippodrome - Springfield - HELP!

    MCChase I posted the same type of comments a few months ago, and some chick told me that they like it the way it is...BIG AND LAME. What a shame, build a great venue like that and the ruin it by playing cheesy crap....that is like buying a Ferrari and refusing to drive it more than 50 mph..... WHAT A WASTE!!!!

    Holden.... I have nothing to do with "promoting Axis", Axis does just fine at that themselves and their list of guest DJs, speaks for itself. Venu is a tired little club, that has changed its name more times then I care to remember. If you like, partying with underage frat boys and little girls, no problem, have fun....I have nothign against Nailz, I just dont like what he plays and dont see what the big deal is....but that is just my opinion. You guys can all have your little circle jerk, and pat each other on the back all night long..... Meanwhile, I will be with the Jeans and Sneaker crowd, dancing my ass off to sets by John Digweed, Carl Cox, Nick Warren and Quivver...... Nuff Said.

    Either way you slice it, you should be at Axis on Thursdays. Venu is a bunch of candy ravers and underage/annoying kids, listening to crappy Frat Boy NY Hard House..... Absolute, good luck to them, but I cant see it being much better. Razor and Guido, Warp Brothers and other assorted "cheese", make sure you buy a nice bottle of red wine to accompany the music. See you at Axis, with Debo and some "real music".
  6. sal dano at karma

    And I have a nice Merlot, to go with all the CHEESE he will be playing.

    Billy Must be hard to SHIT with you HEAD so far up your own ASS.
  8. Boston Scene vs. NYC? Anybody there?

    If you choose Boston to go to school, I am sure you didn’t do it for the Nightlife. Boston has a few good nights around, but in general, it is a pretty sad scene….and the 2 a.m. thing makes it that much worse. Thursday’s at Axis is the best night in the city and they have some really great DJs playing each and every week. Over the last 3 months, they have had Dave Seaman, John Digweed, Quivver, Danny Howells, Nick Warren, Dave Ralph, Deep Dish, Carl Cox, etc. Other than that, the Lava Bar on Fridays features Deep House, with DJ Fran and a lot of national guest DJs (like Louie Vega, Danny Krevit, DJ Rasoul, Miguel Migs etc). However, if you really need to get your club fix, it would be just as easy to get on the bullet train and head down to Manhattan……since that is where you want to be anyway…..and I am sure that is what a lot of the “real clubbers” do anyway. [This message has been edited by mrkleen2000 (edited 01-16-2001).]
  9. NYE in Springfield . . .

    I was looking at their web site, it looks like a cool place. But tell me, why would a Major Club, with Major money in it, be playing "Top 40 and Club Classics" on Saturday Nights? Seems like a waste to have such a nice space, and have DJs playing Alice Deejay and Donna Summer.
  10. Posted by Blue Angel _____________________________________________ Ummmm . . . I think you should get a clue. ANY body that DJ out there will tell you that mixing CD is NOT harder than mixing a vinyl. Not that I DJ but I have MANY friends that do. CD mixers have a built in beat matching engine that will calculate the beats for you, but most vinyl mixers don't. As far as the big names using CD mixers, well if you were mixing 6 hour set you would too. But you should be aware that all the big names mixed on Vinyl way before using the CD mixers. It's an art to them. ____________________________________________ One CD player, the Pioneer has what is called an 'auto mix feature', which is actually NOT EVEN CLOSE to what a real mix sounds like, so maybe you should also speak about what you KNOW. YOu said yourself you are NOT A DJ....well then talk about clubbing, dancing and the music you like and let the PROFESSIONALS talk about technical issues. I have been DJing since before you were born and mixed on Turntables for 20 years before I switched over to CDs. Now I can do my own remixes and bring them to the club and play them 1 hour later.....unlike a vinyl only DJ, who has to shell out a TON OF MONEY to get an Acetate cut of his original remixes etc. Mixing CDs is EXACTLY THE SAME if not HARDER than mixing Vinyl.....ask any REAL DJ who has tried both and he will tell you, they are equally difficult or that CDs are harder. The real point is, knocking a DJ because he plays CDs is IGNORANT and STUPID and shows how little people know about music and DJing. They pay $40 dollars to go hear Paul Van Dyk and rave about him for weeks afterwards, not realizing HALF HIS SET in played off of CD-R. Then a month later, they go and hear a local DJ, who they can SEE IS PLAYING CDs and they comment that "real DJs use vinyl"....that is a bunch of BULL SHIT. Real DJs entertain their crowd, if they do it with CDs or Vinyl or humming into the Mic it makes NO DIFFERENCE.
  11. How did my boy Eddie Ed do at Nevis?

    Thanks Gary. [This message has been edited by mrkleen2000 (edited 12-11-2000).]
  12. Originally posted by Namistai ____________________________________________ No skills involved in mixing cds. ____________________________________________ Dude, that comment right there just shows you how ignorant and foolish you are. Mixing CDs is the SAME, if not HARDER than mixing Vinyl. Not to mention that all the big name DJs are incorporating CDs and Vinyl into their sets. Get a clue before you come out here and talk.
  13. Pop Crap Sell Out vs. Trance Music Pioneer What will we be comparing next? Vanilla Ice to BDP Kenny G to John Coletrane Third Eye Blind to AC/DC Give me a break....Skribble is a flash in the pan, POP CRAP DJ, who is making money because of his conection, looks and a couple of cool scratches. Anthony Acid TELLS HIM WHAT HOUSE TO PLAY.....since he is clueless about Dance Music. His 15 minutes of fame has run it's course, just look at the Cindy Margolis show....need I say more. PVD on the other hand is a music genius. He is a Trance Pioneer and his original productions are BRILLIANT. He spins sets that take you on a journey, through a bunch of quality tracks that have TASTE and STYLE. It is not even a matter of insulting Paul Van Dyk by comparing him to Skribble......it is embarassing to the person who started this thread...as it shows how LITTLE HE KNOWS ABOUT MUSIC.

    3 out of those 4 clubs are for STUCK UP, PRETENTIOUS, EURO TRASH, LOSERS, who go to BU or Harvard and use their rich Daddy's Gold Card to buy overpriced booze, while listening to the worst CRAP MUSIC around. At least try and entice people from NYC with a decent night, like CHrome Thursdays at Axis (with Dave Seaman, Carl Cox and other great DJs) or Lava Bar, with Lil Louie Vega, DJ Rasoul and Danny Krivit. Going all the way to Boston to deal with stuck up PLASTIC PEOPLE...while listening to Kernkraft 400 and other cheesy euro trance crap is NOT gonna get you customers. They might as well go to Exit (another favorite among the tired Boston crew) and hear Boris play the same commericial crap week after week.

    Maybe these big clubs should start cultivating some local talent, instead of placing all their eggs in the foreign talent basket.....