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  1. Club Spirit Question....

    My buddy called them yesterday asking about their "Dress code" (We are from Boston and they are really strict here) They insisted no Sneakers...?? Is this true? Thanks!
  2. No camera?? Every PVD @ Roxy show I have been to I had my camera, everyone had their cameras. Even the bouncers inside said its OK. Unless they changed their policy I think its ok.
  3. Holy Shit!

    Its a BS website
  4. Pvd-boston

    HELL YEAH!!!! Just way too packed... Avalon over-sold AGAIN... but the music / people were great!
  5. Anyone see PVD at avalon last nite?

    Music was great! (for a 3hr set) but of course Avalon over-sold the show. There was NO room to move, dance, nothing. Way too hot in there and it took 20+ min to get a f'ing drink. Im so happy I went to his Central Park show on Thursday... made it less dissapointing. THANKS AGAIN AVALON! LETS PACK IT IN THERE SO MUCH YOU CANT EVEN HAVE FUN!
  6. Paul Van Dyk/Central Park/08.28.03/Pics

    What a great time!!! PVD PICTURES
  7. Avalon NYC!?

    very cool. I have not been in the area recently... do you know if it will be in the same building? did they rip it down? (I hope not!)
  8. Avalon NYC!?

    So I dont know if this was posted before but www.avalonnewyorkcity.com Anyone know more info about this? if this is true im really looking forward to it. Avalon Boston is a great place... too bad for their 2am crap. (kick ass sound system, and lighting) Ichiro
  9. PVD in the Park (what if it rains)

    I CANT WAIT TILL THIS NIGHT!!! LOL 6-10pm hu? Whats everyone doing after 10pm?? Im also going to PVD's show in Boston on the 30th... its going to be a rough weekend Ahhh almost feels like Ibiza.
  10. Whats everyone doing?

    yes I know, same old thread.... so, Whats everyone doing this weekend? I have not been out in boston for maybe 2 months now, I think im spoiled with NYC. How's the Avalon crowd on Friday and Sat? Thanks! Ichiro
  11. Ibiza this summer..

    If your Broke, dont go through them. BUT!!!! It was really nice hanging out with a bunch of Americans the first year. Go online, look for apartments. Jet apartments are good, you can get a room for a week for a bit over $600. Our friends got R/T Tickets using priceline.com for $500!!!?? But that was purchased back during the war for the trip in Early Aug. I think they are in the $900-$1500 R/T range now. Depending on when you want to go and what airline. Generally Iberia is the cheapest, but oh man, I hate that airline. I went through BringItOn the 1st year I went, it was good since I had NO idea what was going on. But I spent a POOP load of $$. LOL Once your there, its easy to figure things out. Especially if you stay somewhere near Ibiza Town. Go into Ibiza town, talk to people, buy your club tickets ahead in the bars. you can get really good deals. IM me if you want more detailed reviews about my experience with BringItOn. Also check out www.ibiza-spotlight.com. I find that if you buy your Airline here and go through a UK outfit for your Apartment / hotel you will get the best deal, dont be shy with the Apartments, push for a deal. They also have LAST MINUTE DEALS... you have to leave in 21 days from booking. Good deals. Good Luck!
  12. Avalon Tonight May 3?

    Anyone know who's spinning at Avalon tonight (5-3-2003) after the "fight"? Also, the fight is supposed to end at 10pm, is the club going to open at 10pm? Thanks! Ichiro
  13. [email protected] photos

    It should be working... try again Ichiro
  14. PVD SPINS LIVE!! 2pm-4pm

    Damit, I wish I could read the fritz website! LOL The feed sounds great! ichiro
  15. [email protected] photos