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  1. Just got Paid.. its Friday nite..

    alright alright.. what the deal nigga.. where are all your cutie patutie booties headed on this wonderful 76 degree weather?hmmm???? ------------------ i love the smell of gasoline....
  2. Thinking about moving to Jersey

    try Hudson county.. ------------------ i love the smell of gasoline....
  3. stop making fun of me

    i have a lil junk in the trunk that ive been dying to get rid of.. i took Xenadrine.. ever hear?.. yea.. well that worked and i lost a couple lbs.. but does anyone know of anything that gives you more energy for the gym? and stop laughing.. im not THAT fat.. ------------------ i love the smell of gasoline....
  4. HalloWieners

    hey kats n kittens.. im a lil newborn on this bad boy.. and i just have one quick question.. Whats The Deal For Halloween??? where can i go? but since yous dont know me i have some um.. shall we say pet peeves?? 1. There can be no baby retards with pigtails and glowsticks wherever i go. Dont get mad people.. but i hate it when a group of nutsacks carrying nunchucks with glowsticks on the end almost kills me as im trying to walk through. Just not my cup o' joe.. sorry charlie ) AND 2. Im 20 years old and i dont have fake ID. Get over it. Crack on me. I still look better than you. and thats about it.. but one thing.. ive been reading these posts for a long time now and you guys are like all close and junk.. but you can get a lil bit snippy sometimes.. im very sensitive. Be Gentle.