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  1. opinion needed

    I can't answer ur question about the admission, but maybe u could answer me on something? how did u get the name snowball? do u know what that means when someone is snowballed?
  2. Chicken Chow-Mein / Favorite Chinese Take-Out

    I'm not a big Chinese food eater, but i wouldn't mind eating out Lucy Liu, with a little Kobi Tai on the side. Oh and maybe just a dash of Rae Dong Chong.
  3. Question for the guyzzz...need your help...

    u want a really good gift that he'll never, ever forget Why don't give him a tossed salad? Or i'm sure he would like a Rusty Trombone. A lot of guys love those. And maybe if those don't impress him, then ask him if would like a Dutch oven. The gift that just smells like love. Rangy-poo
  4. me, as today, Oct.12, 2000, I make my triumphant return back to the CLubNYC board. I had to slightly change my username, as my old one wasn't working. Where my bitches at?