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  1. Word on Powder?

    what's the dress code for powder?
  2. Question for undergraduates.

    bio major chem/business minor
  3. So I have a friend visiting and clubbing isn't really her thing So I was hoping you guys could help me out and tell me some good bars/lounges to hit up on Fridays and Saturdays. Thanks! Irene
  4. Museum Recommendations...

    The met is def my fave, i never get tired of it. The moma is alright like when it has some special exhibit, such as the piccasso one a few years back, though it usually isnt my thing. also has some nice van gough paintings.
  5. Dirty Vegas Tomorrow?

    I'm going !
  6. i'm DONE!!!

    I'll join the chorus of "I'm DONE!!" as well..... had my last final today ..WOOHOO!!!! now two months of partying, lol
  7. I believe that some things happen for a reason, in the sense that one door closes but another one opens. However, it's your choice whether you decide to walk through it.
  8. After years of lurking.....

    I'm a gal....... least, last time I checked I was, lol ......Nate, we gotta go celebrate.... soon as we're done with finals anyhow, lol
  9. After years of lurking.....

    well i've been on here for a year and change but only in the last month or so is that i've been posting more frequently, lol
  10. I am finally a 'clubber' WOOHOO!!!..... .....I'm sooo proud of me ....sniff....sniff.... now I'd best get my ass back to studying, lol
  11. my friends suck!!!

    I had the same issues when i first moved to ny a few years back.... eventually i would go alone meet cool people that i would repeatedly see, but finally through a series of meetups of different club/raving messageboards a met some really cool people who eventually became good friends and now i never have problems finding someone to hit a club with ...to think back i'm glad i decided to hit clubs alone sometimes, because otherwise i would of missed out on some of the most amazing sets...
  12. What Has Become Of Me>?

    welcome to the wonderful world of clubplanet addiction that lays most everyone on this board low.... lol ....next, expect to be counting down till you become 'clubgod' on clubplanet..... hehehe
  13. Spiderman kicks Ass!

    just came back from seeing spiderman and i second that!
  14. Has anyone ever been to Punta Cana??

    very nice beaches.... you'll love it. my all time fav beach in the domincian republic is the terrenas and punta cana is right by there... well relatively anyhow, lol
  15. whos the best dancer on the nyc board?

    my vote goes to glowgirl and her bf as well