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  1. Exit vs Twilo - Not for the kiddies

    OK, I have been to IBIZA too. Please don't compare Twilo to the serious clubs out there because it just doesn't cut it. Admitedly I have only been to Twilo once but I saw enough to know that the tiny dance floor just doesn't compare. Personally, I didn't like the music the night I was at Twilo but it may have just been a fluke or something because I love Euro-trance. I will say that in my opinion, because of the tiny dancefloor, I would prefer the space offered at Exit. And, BTW, what the hell is a club without women and hooking up? Clubs in Ibiza combine it all. The absolute best DJs in the world hands down, tremendous clubs, systems that would blow your mind, endless supplies of the hottest women on earth, and lighting and other special effects that make Twilo look like childs play. Any serious clubber must make a pilgrimage there at least once. It is now a yearly retreat for me.