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  1. Anyone else hate glowsticks?

    I hate raves and ravers, along with butt-lifting trance kinda music..... Raver kids are like michael jackson fans of the 80s. I laugh at you because you are strange... I laugh at the one next to you becuase she's just like you! :-) ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  2. I saw this guy one night distrubuting Centro-Fly flyers... and he told me he earns $10/hr. Does anybody know how I can start a similar job or where I can earn similar amount of money? ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  3. I would love to smack that Mtv doll: fred durst with a hammer.. until his face cannot be identified. I would start from his face that go down to until even his toe's are broken. and that christina aguluguieria would be nice to hit with a car, and see all her bones broken.. I would love to run over her again while she is lying on the ground... oh id love to see that... (just kidding) :-) ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  4. hi i got a 100 of that medium glowsticks. Not the ones that are sold for $2 in the town, but bigger ones. The are all blue. I wanna sell them. Msg me if you are interested. [email protected] ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  5. I got a hundred of them :-) ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  6. Upper West-where U at?

    Lower East side RRRRRRrivington st. ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  7. Thursday: Dilemma-- Laurent Garnier live @ Centro Fly or Josh Wink and United Dj's of America @ Limelight Friday (maybe): This day sucks, probably Limelight for the cheesy party of the brits.. gatecrasher. just to entertain a friend.... blah Saturday: Dilemma again! -- Green Velvet @ Limelight.. hell yeah or maybe Ian Pooley @ Irvine Sunday: Big Dilemma!!! Juan Atkins @ Chelsea Lounge or Coldcut and Miguel Migs and Francois K and Jazzanova @ Roseland - Ritual Expo damn... Monday: (maybe) Junior Sanchez @ Guernica these are my choices if you have any house & techno suggestions for the -maybe- days, I'm waiting for them. rufus ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  8. "Warehouse" the legend

    warehouse is still open. you can read reviews about it in TimeOut New York. Knuckles hasnt spin there since 80s but the club is still great. 0% commercial house. good for your soul. ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  9. hullo I want to make 1000 flyers. I need some good designer to design what I have on my mind (which is simple actually) and a cheap place to publish all these. can anybody help? ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  10. "Warehouse" the legend

    I wonder how many of you have been to warehouse... where it all started. But I have listened the best house music in town in that beatiful club. I wonder why they do not tend to do any promoting for their club, no flyers, no special nights, no ads... totally underground. ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  11. Why are guys with $$$ such assholes?!!!

    the answer is NO they are not. but money is evil, and alcohol is evil maybe when two is mixed they might create a monster.. sometimes. whatever ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  12. Dj DiZ - the greatest

    I only know this guy spins deep-house in Chicago somewhere and he has some wonderful sets in www.groovetech.com I hope he drops by NYC sometime. He really is good. ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  13. How to pick up a girl when u r one?

    1) you can try my roommate... she is nice 2) you can try going to Meow Mix in Houston street. the best place to pick up girls ------------------ buy or sell, we all go to hell.
  14. well it is too early to say so. But it sure is one of the best so far. respects to Detroit... the land of the gods.