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  1. 10/26 dinner meetup?

    Hi, Does anyone know anything about the clubplanet dinner happening on Thursday, October 26th? My friend told me there may be a get together and I would like to go. Nina
  2. Good clubs in Florida????

    HI, I was just in Boca Raton and Miami. I actually went to a new club called Clubspace. It is on Biscayne Blvd, past Miami Beach. It was cool, very large, warehousey, but the music was good. Also, there is an outside area to chill out to Brazilian/spanish music if the inside craziness is too much to handle. Nina
  3. What's Your Clubbing Agenda?

    Hey, I really go for the music and to dance with my pals. When the music is great everything else falls into place and people have a great time. Nina
  4. This weekend anyone?

    That sounds chill. I will e-mail you for <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guestlist</A> at Exit. Believe it or not, I have never been. I am from the old Soundfactory days when Junior was just firing up. Have been going to Twilo, Saci, Centro Fly mainly. Thanks Nina
  5. This weekend anyone?

    Hey Clubbers, What is on the agenda for this weekend? I have been clubbing for some time now, took a bit of a break, but am starting up again. NTM