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  1. what kind of e do i have ?

    i cant find it on pill reports...
  2. what kind of e do i have ?

    Not sure what type of E i picked up...its like a medium to dark green with a smiley face logo on it....any info on it greatly appreciated
  3. Hey sorry about before i found out what i can get is mitsubishi turbo double stack? whats the deal and info on these? good bad safe? i cant get into the pill reports website so i have no clue.... any info before tonight would be great
  4. shrooms ?

    why is it so hard to get shrooms in LI? are they scarce all over?
  5. white nikes? pillreports?

    Hey i have a chance to pick up some white nikes? what is the general idea on them? from what i heard it sounds good? should i stock up? also i can not get into that pillreports.com website? any tips lol