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  1. Starsky or Hutch?

    None of the above...I'm riding with kojak
  2. How Far Can You Shoot Your Load?! (Guys AND Gals!)

    I don't go for distance...I go for power. I once gave a girl a black eye. try explaining that to people..."so how did she get the black eye again?"
  3. Which do you prefer???

    Loud and dirty...scream my name...scream anybodies name....I don't care....just make it loud
  4. Yet another question for the guys????????

    There will be no fooling around without me..I would have to at least watch.
  5. Lights on / Lights off

    Black lights are great..especially if the girl is wearing white panties and bra. Sooo sexy
  6. bald and showered...Mmmmm Mmmmm Good
  7. Current Fave songs to fuck to!

    I like the chicken dance song..if you think people look ridiculous doing it at weddings...you should see me do it naked
  8. Lights on / Lights off

    At least you can still walk around when you are excited. when you are a guy it's a lot harder..no pun intended [This message has been edited by komic (edited 10-26-2000).]
  9. Don't you hate it when you are trying to read these messages and people keep bothering you with work..like right now i am on a conference call and they keep asking me questions....WTF! Don't they know how hard it is to keep up with all these posts? [This message has been edited by komic (edited 10-27-2000).]
  10. Lights on / Lights off

    misskittie, please stop that, I am at work. Now I can't get up from my desk for another 5 minutes.
  11. Lights on / Lights off

    I agree but the only problem with that is ..middle of the night breath is just as bad as morning breath..you have to avoid all that kissing
  12. Coffee Drinkers

    How do you like your coffee? I drink mine black..I only know one other person who drinks thier coffe black. Anybody else?
  13. My EX g/f sent me this picture as a joke, we still are very good friends. I thought it was pretty funny.
  14. Lights on / Lights off

    Candles are nice my g/f loves them but only if you plan on making love...if you want to fuck do not light candles..trust me WARNING: Candles + Fucking = FIRE!
  15. Lights on / Lights off

    Which do you prefer while having sex? Lights on or Lights off