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  1. best movie of the year

    I LOVE DANCER IN THE DARK!!! All the rest of the movies being mentioned here pale in comparison!
  2. what ever happened to the PLUR?

    That's wild, but I don't know... perhaps it might be a bit gimmicky? That's how I felt about the remake of Romeo + Juliet, but Rave Macbeth looks pretty interesting. Of course, Groove definitely keeps it real!
  3. what ever happened to the PLUR?

    By the way guys, I just found out that it will be on video next month. Woohoo!
  4. what ever happened to the PLUR?

    Hey rothko, what did you think of it?
  5. ewwwwwwwwww!!! I don't even wanna think about that last remark! But come on people, a vote for Bush is a vote for the war on drugs and the banishment of our right to rave. Haven't we learned anything from seeing "Groove"?
  6. s&d

    Anyone see Digweed in the movie Groove? Cool rave movie!
  7. what ever happened to the PLUR?

    I was surprised when I saw the movie, "Groove". With all the bad press that's been going down about raves nowadays, it's cool to see a movie that actually does justice to representing what a rave is truly all about. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.
  8. JOHN DIGWEED has selected Los Angeles....

    Did anyone see Digweed in the movie, "Groove"? He rocked the warehouse! Some other cool DJs are in the movie too.
  9. Kristine W on KTU

    of course, if they played Kristine W more often, then the station would be a million times better!
  10. Kristine W on KTU

    KTU BLOWS! Big Time! I don't give a fuck who let da dawgs out or if crappy music makes people wanna rebel -- I wanna hear some GOOD music!
  11. "Stronger" album by Kristine W

    It's awesome! And it's about time! 4 years, baby! If you wanna read a review, there's one at Billboard http://www.billboard.com/reviews/reviewdisplay.asp?ID=87866 I think there were also some glowing reviews in the Advocate and Out magazines a month or two ago.
  12. T or F...Madonna @ Roxy

    I'm tired of Madonna! Kristine W all the way!
  13. Kristine W on KTU

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get KTU to play more Kristine W. If anyone else wants to, the KTU request line is 1-800-245-1035