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  1. What About US? The Under 21 Crowd....

    Is south Fl. going nuts? All theyre doin is forcing us to get fakes, with fakes we can drink.....anyone see the pattern here?.... ------------------ Venni Vetti Vennci
  2. What About US? The Under 21 Crowd....

    Hey where would shampoo happen to be? What do they play there? Is it any good . C'MON I need more places . that sfl.8up.com site is pretty dope. ------------------ Venni Vetti Vennci
  3. What About US? The Under 21 Crowd....

    "Hello my name is Liquid and I dont have a place to [email protected] chill at anymore!! " What gives? First SoBe with this 21+ now Ft. Laud also? Any suggestions on where to chill someplace thats 18+. Its funny how we get screwed over when we work just as hard as people who are 21. Revenue is revenue whether it be from admission or on drinks, the more people you bring in the better business sense it makes IMO. Anywho, places where to chill if youre under 21? Anyone......Anyone.... ------------------ Venni Vetti Vennci
  4. test

    test ------------------ Venni Vetti Vennci