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  1. pvd 11|14|03... recorded from roxy

    can u post a setlist?~
  2. pvd live set from roxy 11|14|03

    can anyone give a set list?....i kno it was a while ago, but... thankksssss!
  3. is the dress code strict at webster hall? any info?
  4. Exit Reunion on Sunday...

  5. Exit Reunion on Sunday...

    hey where can i get this flyer to print out? or can i just print this one out to use?.... thanks~
  6. pvd tix??

    can i still get em online?? or at the door??? let me kno pleeeese~!
  7. i heard that i can't get them at the door, is it true??? can i still get em online?....sumone let me know pleeeese~!
  8. PVD & coldplay?

    i know it's been a few weeks since pvd @ roxy, but .... it sounded like he played a track that had the beginning part of the coldplay song... what's the title? anyone? thanks
  9. happy song ID exit 11/16

    hi...i heard this like happy trancey song around 1:30~1:35...can anyone help me out here?...thank ya
  10. Another song ID w/ clip

    no one knows this track's title?? ....... [This message has been edited by got_e (edited 03-01-2001).]
  11. set list for exit on friday

    thanks alex~! i appreciate it~
  12. hey everyone, jus wonderin if anyone knew the set played at exit on friday...i kno last week someone on the board listed most of the songs played throughout the nite and it really helped...i wanna dl some songs that were played but don't kno how to describe em...well if anyone can help out, it'd be great! thanks~
  13. i think he'll be back in february of 2001...check out his website
  14. web site for pill ratings...

    thanks mike!~!~!~....pillreports.com was pretty extensive and helped out
  15. anyone know of a GOOD website i could to to for e pill ratings... thanks~