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  1. motorcylces revving up....

    hi... wat's the track that has sounds in it like motorcylces revving up... they play it in red room and main floor... sorry so vague thanks...
  2. 5:30am Exit friday

    anyone kno wat was played around 5 30-5 35am? sorry i can't think of how to describe it~ thanks ppl..
  3. 2 song IDs need please~

    the first song was played around 12:05am at exit...and the sirens and horns were going off during the song and then next song has a guy saying "rock the body" or "*uck the body"...i think it was played b4 pitchin... thanks!
  4. Exit Song ID?

    i think camisa vs mauro picotto-let me show you lizard
  5. Tony Draper song ID

    it's an unreleased track from draper called pressure...i think that's what ur talking about b/c u mentioned the hip hop...
  6. Whats everyones Nationality???

    100% kOrEAn!
  7. Another song ID w/ clip

    hey sorry...don't kno what's it called either, but i remember hearin it and likin it...so hope someone out there knows...oh btw...how'd ya get a clip of the track w/o finding out the name?...good idea tho, cuz sometimes i just can't describe the song to get an ID~
  8. arabian beat kinda sounding song at exit

    oh i found it...it was actually da tommy boy- kol nedra... thanks tho~
  9. jus wonderin if anyone knows what song i'm talking about...i can't really explain it except that i kinda thought it had an arabian-ish type of sound to it...it came on b4 2 am on friday at exit... hope someone knows what i'm talkin about... thanks a bunch
  10. Da Beat Da Beat!!!???!!!

    i hear it's an unreleased song by tony draper...i'd really like this song too~
  11. exit: friday; ?? i want to bump??

  12. does anyone know the song that says i want to bump, i want to bump.... they play it at exit... thanks ~
  13. What nationality are you?

    KOREAN babeeeee!
  14. no sneaks/ufo's at exit???

    well i think there are a lotta ravers..a lotta asian ravers at least...so NE one kno what's up w/ that...cuz if the gonna keep doing that i might as well not wait on the line and just go straight 2 twilo...