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  1. CROBAR delayed again!!!!!!

    So whats the deal with admission? 21+ with 100$ just for the ticket???
  2. CROBAR delayed again!!!!!!

    What the hell is NTH???
  3. CROBAR delayed again!!!!!!

    Any idea what will happen there for the first night its open??? Is it just gonna be impossible to get in too??? Its my birthday, i wanna check it out 8)
  4. Tiesto @ Virgin

    Its 6pm for sure
  5. www.paulvandyk.com

    tru, but only if, no, sorry, WHEN we win it... K, lets just forget about war and continue clubbin & poppin' until one of the NY clubs falls down...heh:blank:
  6. www.paulvandyk.com

    nah, thats just dumb. i dont want to get into war & politics (not politics of dancing ) but there is no reason for war!!! just some politicians' BS that increases the chance of kamirazi attacks...here in NYC... bombing a f'ing country to get one person or a group is nothing more than dumb. nuff said
  7. Paul Van Dyk's return to NY

    I wasn't there last time PVD was here, but what happened at the show? Was it THAT BAD??? I'm still having doubts about going thou...
  8. www.paulvandyk.com

    Yeah, that yellow definitely throws me off... But hey, its a powerful point he is making... the entire world is saying that, hehe.
  9. First date

    the sushi bar is gone thou
  10. Sander Klienenberg Who's Going!

    Ill be there for sure. Do you know when Sander is starting to spin?
  11. I can't believe this shit!!!!!!!!!!

    Chill!!! Its $125 with free champagne!!! Hell mothafuckin yeah!!!
  12. Review of Be Yourself @ Estate....

    Nice reviews. Hope Howells and Tenaglia are gonna rip it up back at arc this Saturday. By the way, as much as I love Tenaglia, I haven't been keeping up with arc lately. Does he still hold and will continue to hold the original Fridays @ arc? Did it change since it became arc?
  13. Hell yeah! Tiesto is coming to NYC December 31st! Who's going? Any ideas how much its gonna cost?
  14. pvd @ arc

    mfs, wish i was there... whats the tracklist? pllzzz post it! Ive been hearing some hot reviews so far! anyone, anyone?
  15. I agree, that lite fm bullshit is really getting to my nerves. I mean, you could say its relaxing, but listening to that all day and then every weekday...uhhhhhHH AHHH, goddamn it gets to you! And then its the same fuckin songs over and over... my oh my... i just wanna take a fuckin bat &... and sitting in silence kills anyhow, cuz i love music! k, I got carried away... but for one thing, why not change the station?