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  1. hey ppl...heard sumthin bout deep thursday nite...and i wanted to kno sum more info bout it... i see that sum of u on tha board r goin.... can any1 help me out? who's spinnin tonite, wat time is good, and location???
  2. DEEP thursday???

    hey any1 kno wat's goin on at DEEP today (thurs)...i thought i heard sumthin bout boris bein there.... any1 wanna help me out~ thanks!
  3. ok, cuz there aren't only about 100 korean raving dancers!.... asian exit regular here...maybe we'll meet up~....see u there
  4. i've been meaning to check out the secret room at exit, but i keep forgetting to...and now i realize i actually don't know how to get there...anyone wanna let me know? thanks
  5. hiya, u got the song yet?? i wanna hear it already
  6. why is it so hard fer ppl to get?? is it supposed to be on the major DL or sumthin? hmmmm....
  7. exit entrance fee UP???

    so why u think it's so wack, huh.....
  8. what's all the hype about this song?....don't know if i've heard it or not...not good w/ titles.... pass it on by tho so i cood check it out
  9. exit entrance fee UP???

    maybe if ya guys laid off the candy fer a week u'd have enough to get in...too bad about the price hike tho