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  1. Montreal--- Sona or Aria???

    went to Area and loved it.
  2. Should I feel guilty?

    US doesnt send out brainwashed terrorists to to kill six thousand innocent lives just for the purpose that when u die there will be virgins waiting for u at the heavens doors. This is not Karma coming home, this is a sick person in power brainwashing uneducated people to do his dirty deeds. How come he wasn't there himself in one of those planes if he wants to go to heaven so badly? You people dont know how good u had it living here. Its all going to change now, it already has actually.
  3. Tiesto @ World

    there is no way this club can hold Tiesto's crowd. this club is way too small and the sound system sucks. its such a desgrace for such a great dj to play in such a shitty club.
  4. I just wanted to let u know guys that I went to the Creamfield rave in Montreal this passed weekend and it was amazing. Puts NY nightlife to shame.