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  1. Rave Aerobics Class Ladies??

    you know there already IS a class called "trance dance"!!! it's offered at the nysc on 91st and 3rd. i'm a member and i used to live in the area, but the sunday 10:15am class was a bit too early for me. does anybody know anything about the class?
  2. Tonight,..,............

    a couple of my friends are spinning tonight at chelsea lounge. it'll be a mix of trance and progressive house (i.e. timo mass, pvd, tilt...) they usually spin at the bi-monthly trashed by net parties for webheads. listen to some of their mixes online: http://www.euff.net/dj/flashdj.html $10 with the flyer. see the attached flyer for details. cheers
  3. i was just printing it myself before i headed out and decided to check my PMs just before - good thing. i hope you're still there http://www.twiloclub.com/f_invite.htm see you on the dancefloor!

    there probably won't be any mp3s to be found. if i have time though, i may rip a set with all the songs - in the meantime, here's a partial track listing from his set (please make any corrections to the list, i'm not 100%): Lost it.com - Animal Dusted - Always remember to Honour and respect your mother U2 - Beautiful Day (Perfecto mix) Azido Da Bass - Doom's Night (Timo Maas mix) PMT - Gyromancer Timo Maas - Ubik (Dance mix) Velvet Girl - Velvet Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness Tilt vs. PVD - Rendezvous Solar Stone - Seven Cities Planet Perfecto - Star wars theme (remix) CJ Bolland - The Prophet cheers
  5. New York this upcoming weekend....

    affirmative on carl cox. some events of interest: friday night @ twilo carl cox 7 hour set 11pm-6am mark lewis saturday night @ centro-fly chemical brothers 10pm www.ticketweb.com 21+ over only whatever you choose to do - have fun!
  6. mr oakie

    it was a good mix of old and new. i heard classics like rendevous (tilt v. pvd) and trance anthem seven cities - solar stone, then i'd hear some timo mass and of course, his new remix of u2's beautiful
  7. Darren Emerson

    [i think] this was the lineup last night: 10pm-11pm TopAgentM 11pm-1am Darren Emerson 1am-3am Oakey 3am-4am D-Fuse
  8. oakenfold in ny

    Trancegiving 2 Hammerstein Ballroom Thursday, Nov 23rd @ 10pm Paul Oakenfold Also, Darren Emerson & D-Fuse $32 in advance, $35 at the door http://www.ticketmaster.com
  9. zombie nation

    i KNOW! - that's 2 for 2 at the InTech parties.
  10. Q regarding gatecrasher last night

    the DJ lineup: ashley casselle ('til ~3am) robbine nelson (3am-6am close)
  11. gatecrasher review

    oh what a night! on people...mixed crowd. the limelight crowd always seems to be a more mainstream crowd, opposed to the more dedicated clientele at twilo. plus, the hip-hop room draws in a completely different set of people than the usual progressive house/trance-heads. by 4am, the riff-raff pretty much cleared out and all of us who were still left partook in a little bit of dancer's paradise. on venue...they installed an amazing laser system. stationed on the stage behind the DJ, the lasers engulf the whole dance floor and reverberate through the entire main chapel. the best vantage point is from the thrid floor VIP area. amidst the clear plastic wall, there's a hole overlooking the dancefloor in the epicenter of it all. very trippy. the only better laser system i have seen in gotham was the one installed for paul van dyk's one year anniversary at twilo (march 24th). don't mind my obssesive nature of remembering key party dates. anyway, not as many decorative banners hanging from the rafters this time, but the visual projections were much more varied with grainy black & white footage of Nelson in action. much better than the repetitious rotating visuals they had at the last gatecrasher party. on music...usual gatecrasher sound, not as trancey though, more progressive than anything. it was all good. in case you were wondering, i was the one dancing on stage with the red bicycle lights towards the end. if you noticed, i thoroughly enjoyed the music. after his set, i told Nelson that he was welcome back in new york anytime. thanks to everybody who made it another amazing night of dancing. cheers *those who do not hear the music think the dancer mad*
  12. Best place to hear trance

    here are some additional corrections, plus events not already listed: *BT live band*, hooverphonic & paul stewart @ the roxy - friday, oct 20 gatecrasher @ limelight - friday, oct 20 *hybrid* & moby @ hammerstein ballroom - wed, oct 18 - sat, oct 21 - sun, oct 22 sasha & digweed @ twilo - halloween party friday, oct 27 now, you're all set for the rest of october!
  13. I was using a "restricted use only" driver's leicense becasue mine was suspended too. It was a NYS photo license, so besides a little ribbing from the bouncers - never a problem. The party definitely rocked last time, this time should be good as well. Maybe I'll head over there after BT @ the Roxy.