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  1. Hey Bob - still shafting people around...You know you dogged me the last time I played for you...your angry little manager treated me like shit and that air conditioner you had blowing ice cold air on me in the middle of july gave me pneumonia and ALMOST killed me !...what started as such a great experience for me has left such a bad taste in my mouth and such a negative experience the second time around that Im still pissed. I did a good job for you Bob - and it didnt get me anywhere nor did it even afford me with a decent spot on my resume. You could have extracted alot more from my experience and skills that would have helped you in the long run but I was just a toss away dime a dozen dj to you...just for the record Bob when i come in to do an afternoon party from 4 to 7:30 or 8 for 100 bux - YOU DONT GET ME TO STAY ALL NIGHT TILL 2AM..stop taking advantage of people man...this is a drag even writing about it...later PS: stick with your drunk bum dj who leaves empty Jack Daniels bottles and scum in your nasty DJ Booth with all broken equipment..I cant be there to clean it all up for you anymore - Greg White
  2. Jav - its me Greg - Cmon down to Tierney's Tavern in Montclair next saturday FEB 9th - theres a DJ Battle for 100 bux + the dj pot and theres 3 abstract Hip Hop/Illbient acts.. ALSO ROB GEE is gonna be there...Its 3 BUX to get in - yo man give me a call and if you know any djs that want to enter ( theres like 4 more spots to fill) have them give me a call - 973-743-6443...Yo Sorry I havent been around much but I know your the man AHHH EVIL EVIL EVIL...call me man, peace
  3. I dunno if this place your talking about is on River Styx Rd. but if it is it used to be The Lighthouse a long time ago..I used to spin there in 1983..back then in my opinion it was def 1 of the best spots in NJ...it was Rock upstairs and disco downstairs...all I can say is at that time it had 1 of the dopest soundsystems around..the other club in Hopatcong was Governer's, which was OK but along with The Meadowbrook those were the 2 best clubs in NJ...I wonder if the same guy still owns it...god I loved The Lighthouse, peace Greg
  4. SILVEHOO IS BACK...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jav - sup man, ferget about this bullshit man..sorry I havent called or been around , sent u a christmas message on the board and after the <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/newyearseve/">new year </a> we'll definetly do somekind of dj night somefuckin where. I did some editing on the site and created an area for you to do your weekly write up...have a cool holiday and dont sweat the stupid shit here w/this dood..peace man gerg
  5. Merry Christmas

    From WNJX.org to all: I'd like to wish everyone from the ClubNYC Jersey Forum a very merry christmas and a happy <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/newyearseve/">new year</a> ..especially to eviljav and rudy and John and all the lovely ladies and Jersey clubbin friends. Ive been really busy lately but am definetly working to make this webcasting site a reality and I hope everyone will show a lil love when the time comes - well thats it for now, peace Greg
  6. Ever try Tequila Joes for new years?

    Hey Allshara - I used to work at Headquarters Plaza Hotel Complex for like 5 years. I opened Hurricane Alley back in 1984 when it first opened and then in 1987 I opened the Bennigans upstairs in the mall as its first DJ...tell me: How is Serge Leoni my old boss hehe (that tyrant) and do they ever tell you some of the stories about Hurricane Alley when it was open ? I miss that job and the times there very much. Also Does Charlie still work security there..I remember Charlie and Joe but everyone else is probobly gone...thanx Greg
  7. Hey Diva lounge - your doing a really great job of turning people off here in the Jersey forum...you just keep up the bad work and It wont be long till every 1 knows yer game...keep it up and prove me right -
  8. Im takin a short break and I'd figured now is a good time to write up my all time list...this may be of interest to all you hardcore clubbers who want to learn your ancient history...lets all remember now that yours truly is 38 so save the geriatric jokes - these re all Jersey clubs - (no n.y. clubs, and also no Shore clubs on this list either). Clubs listed in decending order from no. 10 to no. 1 10 - Hurricane Alley - (5/84, the club used to be inside of the Headquarters Plaza Hotel in Morristown) - The first of the big Hotel Nightclubs, beautiful fixtures, clean bar, excellent promotions and co-operation wit Hotel Staff. Knock-out sound and lighting. Excellent Music 9 - Hitsville - 1981-1982 - used to be right off rt 21 in passaic, now a spanish restaurant. Hitsville was the most far out of the jersey alternative "new wave", no posers, hardcore punks and bikers...the club was a lesbian bar before Hitsville so alot of the same crowd stayed when Hitsville opened..totally dark with a big room and stage upstairs with a smaller dance room downstairs...excellent bands (Siouxie,X,Selecter,Cure,PIL,) and very NY DJ music. 8 - Club Bene - 1973 - 1977 - Club Bene is to my knowledge the first club in NJ to organize and feature a Dj dance night...as long ago as 1973 and 74 I remember my older cousins who are now in thier fifties talking about going to a string of clubs (Brothers 3, Club Bene and later on The Playpen) along rt 35 in Sayreville. Club Bene has allways featured top notch live entertainment and is still open to this day... 7 - Obsessions / Jordans / Final Exam - 1981 - 1987 - This club located in the woods on Sussex Tpk, in Randolph has been a fixture in Morris County for over 20 years. as the Final Exam they faithfully established themselves as center of 80's culture. have you ever seen the movie Roadhouse ? - well thats the Final Exam, Then after the name change to Jordan's it was even more packed and did a famous Wednesday night that was killer for 5 years. My friend Billy Stavrakis bought the place in 1986 and never looked back - he booked national Acts and broke all kinds of crazy bar sales and admission records. Obsessions is setup just about as perfect as a club can be with a huge front room w/stage for dj/band and a glass enclosed step up level lounge in back affording a perfect view of the stage 6 - Chicago's - 1984, Tuesday nights at Chicago in Lodi were a legend and definetly earn a spot on the list..Dj Bob Monte, nice decor and excellent bar service with Killer Sound System. I will follow up with no's 5 - 1 soon, thanx all Greg
  9. ***Phat New Lounge In Jerzy***

    darrel do you promote at "boom" - if so Id like to do a netcast down there, me and eviljav will come down and film or if you have a net connection we will go live...let me know whats up..I know carl from the loop plays there, email me at [email protected]
  10. smoking Jack Herrer....

    In clean room chilling. Hard drives buzzing fierce, frantic Smoking Jack Herrer... network hiaku by gerg.
  11. Answer: Alot - Do you beleive that these azzholes had me down for 2 weeks...killed my internet business and couldnt trace and fix the problem...I cant stomach thier lousy poor tech support...Anyway Eviljav my dsl lines are back up and maybe now I can get back to getting this project going again..Jav please look at the features page and check out your column header and space for writeups its at http://www.wnjx.org/feature.html I havnt forgotten bout anything bussy I just been mad busy and things were crazy while the line was down - Im sure we'll hook up soon, peace mon Greg

    I have to agree w/Johnny on this 1 for the following reasons: my friends previously had told me this lounge was really nice and hyped me up on it so much I even promoed it in my previous posts here on ClubNYC jersey board..unfortunately I had a negative experience when I approached the club with my promo pack looking for a chance to do a guest night/and webcast for WNJX. The owner of the club was testy and indifferent on the phone when all I wanted was to find out who to address the package to - then after telling me to see her "Music Co-ordinator" (haha), I drove up to Montclair to drop off the package at the door only to be rudely herded into the admission line as if I was a patron waiting to get in, as I was complying with thier request I saw people who obviously had waited a while in line to get in be rudely turned away by some sphinx with a clipboard in his hand (laff, puke) for not being the right "type" of patron. The whole experience left me depressed and I left the line and drove home. I dont need to be associated with any establishment that maintains policies like that...It smacked of a a reverse racist flavour and was a complete turnoff...To the dood with the clipboard and the management of Diva Lounge; kill the fuckin drama your not Danceteria or Studio 54, your a local yokel lounge with a serious attitude problem - fix it or catch a shitty rep..thanx all - Greg
  13. yo jav - my services have been down now for 36 hours due to Bell DSL outage in North jersey area - I added 3 pages of content including your review area and the features and events pages...I know you'll dig the design..biggest club night of the year coming up on Wednesday night and I was thinkin about maybe getting out for the evening...hope its all good and I wondered if you respoke to Johnnieboo bout that shit... Im lookin forward to getting out and spinnin together with the evil 1BOOM ! (kill, kill, kill)..hope Bell gets me back up soon I be talkin w/you tommorrow (11/20/00) Ill call you at work dood, peace mon - Greg
  14. eviljav: msg for you

    Yo Jav - had to work tonight but I got your call and I did want to check out Boa tonight but Ill be around on the weekend so may be we can hook up then or I'll call you at work on monday man...im sorry dood - was lookin forward to it 2...cool?, ok then check you out KILL KILL KILL - peace, greg
  15. Mark Leventhal:

    Does any 1 know mark leventhal or where he is playing lately ? Does any 1 have his email addy ?