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  1. ***Limelight, TONIGHT****

    You are right, there will not be Hip-Hop in the Chapel tonight, I will be spinning tribal house. The room will open around 12.
  2. For all of you out there who like dark tribal house you will enjoy Cheetah tonight. From 1am - close John Michaels will be spinning something a little different. Keeping it dark and driving, we will bring Cheetah to a different place. We don't have Twilo(a moment of silence.....) anymore but maybe this will bring a bit of light to a new club. Hope to see you all there. Reduced admission...10$.. on John Michaels List....21 to get in.
  3. It's ridiculous that video games are blamed for violence in America's youth. If video games are affecting today's youth then Pac-Man would have affected us in the eighties, and we would all be running around in darkened rooms, chomping pills, and listening to repetitive music.
  4. As far as fridays go Twilo is the place. Well, it might be a split with Vinyl..Danny is InCRedIblE!! We all know about Exit and Sound Factory, and what to expect as far as music goes..well until recently. I just got brought in to spin the early spot in the upstairs lounge at SF on friday night. If you like tech-house and tribal you might want to come and check it out. For now the time is 11-1 or 1:30, I realize that it is early but, if you are looking for a warm-up for Twilo....which Nick Warren, Sander Kleinenberg, and Pascal FEOS will be at this friday. You can get a reduced admission(at SF) under "John Michael's list"....hope to see you there.....sorry about the legnthy post................John Michael
  5. Suggestions for tonight (Wednesday)?

    Well, if anyone doesn't mind the ride, in New Brunswick we have a great low key trance night at the melody bar. Drinks are cheap and there is no cover. I will be spinning deep trance and techaus. For info or directions call Concept Music 732-729-1717, or send me an email. Dawsons is good but wouldn't you rather some good beats???? Hope to see you there, stop in the booth and say hello..........johnMichael
  6. PVD SONG ID? Please.

    Sorry EVERYONE the name of the song is Marthas Harbour.....you can find it on vinyl @ satellite or on his mixed cd that came with an issue of Mixer...sorry I didn't mean to sound pretentious..hey, if anyone is in the jersey area midweek and would like to check out a good trance party send me a message.......johnMichael
  7. Thanx for coming by...Yea it is an every wednesday night thing..my new co-resident and i are exicted about the bar and the night...it is nice to see new faces each week..don'tbe a stranger and stop in the booth and say hello..johnMichael

    Danceglitter- If you you are open to suggestions, try to get your hands on the vocal mix of PERCEPTION, i think it will make you smile johnMichael
  9. Drive wednesdays have taken off. Thanx to everyone who has come out. Every wed night come down to the Melody bar in New Brunswick for the only weekly trance party in central jersey. Now you don't have to wait till the end of the month to hear quality beats. I have made a new addition to the party...Phillipe Snoy will be joining myself, johnMichael, as the new co-resident. Not to be missed. Hope to see all of you out...stop in the booth and say hello.......... [This message has been edited by john_michael (edited 10-30-2000).]
  10. Abyss vs. Bunka

    As far as Abyss and Bunka are concerned you guys are right on. They have lost whatever it was they had. I don't know if it is the crowd getting younger, or is that scene getting old? As far as friday nights are concerned the subliminal party is great, a friend of mine, Dj Aqua, has been spinning there downstairs for a short time now. His style of house has def got a 'groove' you guys should check it out, it is a nice change from NY hard house. As far as bunka is concerned, they need to mix it up a bit. Try to appeal to a larger venue. I have spun there, and the crowd was very receptive to trance/house. But i have to tell you, any one who is looking to spin there the monitors are a nightmare and one of the turn tables do not work. Not to ramble, but if any of you guys are up for a change come down to new brunswick for a mid week party that i do on wednesdays. Email me if you want details....Sorry about the long message.........johnMichael
  11. Best place to hear trance

    athough it wont be quite the same as pvd or sasha...a small scene in new brunswick pumps out quality trance on a wednesday night...The bar is Called The Melody...the party is upstairs
  12. For all of you21 and older, a new night has been added to New Brunswick's mid week party. At the Melody bar upstairs, DRIVE wednesdays has begun. Featuring a toatlly enhanced sound system, no cover, reduced price drinks, and yours truly...dj johnMichael spinning beats(darker trance/tribal/house) all night till 2am! Party starts @ 10:30pm. Also check out Tues Drum & Base night with Shai liu and Techno on thurs with resident Dj Chris Trends......both of Concept Music. These guys keep up the vibe and wont let go.