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  1. Line up for vegas Mem day?

    I would check lasvegas.com or something close to that and you should be able to find lineups for that weekend....
  2. French Connection (FCUK)

    Please... FCUK is almost as played out as A/X.. everyone already has it and it's even worse when someone else you see out has the same shit on........ too mainstream...
  3. LongIsland CLUBS

    I second Bridgeview Saturday's. The sound system is garbage, but then again it's mostly used for wedding receptions. It's a good alternative to driving out to the Hamptons. Lot's of space.......
  4. Li-ct...

    The highway is still quicker. With the time it takes to load cars... travel across the sound.. unload cars and get to the highway in CT.. driving is easier...
  5. ~ Att. Connecticut Promoters ~

    That's not saying much......
  6. ~ Att. Connecticut Promoters ~

    What could possibly be opening up in SoNo????
  7. it's solid.. another to add to the collection!
  8. I've got them all off Kazaa... I personally like the remix featuring Shawnee Taylor doing the vocals.......
  9. who's going to Check Johnny Vicious at

    I don't have aol IM here at work... email me instead. [email protected] Everything is fine though.. just have to go down for the usual routine like I have everymonth prior to this...
  10. who's going to Check Johnny Vicious at

    Fabio... email me here at work.. I have to go to Stamford tomorrow ( take a wild guess why ) so this could be a possibility......
  11. Vegas was unbelievable.....

    Some friends and I are going May28th thru June 1st and staying at the Hard Rock... looking forward to it!
  12. Connecticut Clubs

    There is nothing within walking distance from the N. Haven train station.. you will have to cab it to where ever you are going. Van Dome... nope. Try Gothem or the Neat lounge.. only two places even worth going to period.
  13. Connecticut Clubs

    I have to agree with the above. Hartford at one point might have been going in the right direction with Velvet. Even now with places like Vado and Blu in Hartford.. it's still a ghost town and this is our Capitol? I used to live in Stamford and frequented Premeire ( now Mor) on Friday nights. For a small club.. it's the best CT has to offer for nightlife and music. Be lucky you do not live anywhere near the mass line as I do. Nightlife is non-existing so I make my monthly run to the city to hang with friends.
  14. Float Tonight

    Agreeable... I went a couple of weeks ago when Sheldon Romero was there. Music was good, but forget about getting drinks. Overpriced (9.00) and no alcohol in them. Never had a problem using the bathroom though.........
  15. I forgot about the o2 bar at the Hipp. I did it a few times.... fun time!! Cover is 7...