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  1. Blis

    No I dont think its true, although some promoters are the same for both clubs, check out this site for reduced amission. http://www.vipguestlist.com/blis.htm.
  2. Blis

    Age for blis is 21, and I hear there going to be many many beautiful women, to the first reply I wont be needing a reduced admission cause I have a gold vip card but, if folks do want to get in for $20 not $25 there are plenty of guest lists. See you in the jungle (hip hop) room or upstairs. FYI look out for Celebs, seeing Tyson (Polo model) and Vicious last time was kind of cool.
  3. Blis

    I went to blis last Friday and going back again tomorrow, had a blast, music was amazing. The sound and lighting systems are incredible, I encourage everyone to check it out. Dress to impress the gorgeous ladies (that where there last Friday and hopefully will be there tomorrow as well) SEE YOU ALL THERE