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  1. Good Pill

    Last Saturday night @ SF I took one xxx pill and rolled for 4-5 hours hard. THE BEST PILL ever since last summer (X files)!!!!!!! I definitely recommend this pill to anyone who can get it!!!!!
  2. doin X

    Taking XTC for the first is like loosing your virginity......U will remember the first time experience forever!!!!! [This message has been edited by siccck (edited 04-04-2001).]
  3. Does anyone here live on Long Island?

    Northport I know mad people from St. Anthony & Commack.
  4. Age

    Am 25 now...... will be 26 this May 8th......
  5. Sound Factory 12th Anniv. Party....

    Sound Factory is going to be OFF THE HOOK.... Can't wait...... See you all @ Factory......... Peace!!!
  6. Lookin to Partay this Sat.

    Sound Factory...... The place to be!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Exit is Gross...... They let any bum w/ $30 dollars in..... You always get the same party flyer every weekend.... Few months back they advertised PORN night every Sat night and I was sooooo sick of it.... Bottom Line......EXIT BELOWS & Security SUCKS BIG DICK!!!!!!
  8. Song ID....?

    Looking for the song ID that goes something like " I am gonna love you tonight".... \ Any help would be appreciated!!!!! [This message has been edited by siccck (edited 03-19-2001).]
  9. Song ID....?

  10. I went to EXIT this past Saterday night and The crowd SUCKED REALLY_REALLY BIG TIME!!!!! I saw few people with jeans...etc... The Music was good!!!!! Boris was insane!!! Does anyone else feel the same?
  11. Really Good E

    I had the best pill this past Saturday night. I think It is called White Pokymon. I rolled for 6 1/2 hours and it was really-really speedy. Anyone familiar with this pill? If you can get your hands on one do so.....
  12. SF

    As an addict of Sound Factory......I am totally done with that place for a while. After going to SF last weekend (1-27-01) I was totally disgusted. We tried Exit this past Saturday night and Boris was Slammin/GREAT. For after hours I did not even have the urge to go to SF. Hope JP can make a comeback.
  13. Exit last night

    I MUST agree with DMAC1041.....the music was GREAT/Slammin at EXIT on Saturday night. Although, I think Boris has been lazy nowadays, he was insane (Sat night). The crowd was not as good as it can be and the bouncers needs to chill.But for most part I really enjoyed my time.
  14. Really Good E

    LOL.......Fashion is Drugs!!!!! My Bad!!!!!!! [This message has been edited by siccck (edited 02-05-2001).]