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  1. [email protected] review...

    BT ROCKS UNBELIEVABLY incredible incredible - it doesn't get any better than that - he was just unbelievable and the BT fans - well we rock out totally and those 4 dancers - yum yum they were beautiful what was that 3 costume changes - i am looking forward to more nite in disco heaven at Avalon bring it on baby!!! top talent - awesome sound system - they could do more decorating - lights and def put lots of couches and benches in - more places to sit..
  2. Hi - I am looking for a mainstream non-pretentious club this saturday nite. preferable house in one room and hip-hop classics in another.. an all around crowd pleaser. - ideally what i would like is GBH (friday nites at centro-fly)for saturday nite. - cool party people - dancers and great music... anyone been to SACI Spirit of Ibiza? any suggestions would be great thanks, Ben
  3. IBIZA Hotels?

    Beach or D'Alt Villa - ?? I don't know what D'alt Villa is.. but I like staying near Ibiza Town... it's very cool and lots of bars/restaurants etc. San Antonio i okay but very tacky and lots of drunk brits... which is okay once in a while.... I would much rather be on the beach... for chillin' and what not. That's why Figuretes is cool. you can be on the beach and walk into town. there is a huge promenade between the beach and the hotels and there are restaurants and shops along the way.... we are going back next year... same hotel Never heard of Royal Plaza or what not... usually a search of the hotel will bring up pictures and what not.. rent mopeds while you are there...
  4. IBIZA Hotels?

    Ibiza, we went in June and stayed at a beautiful hotel in Figuretes... 10 minute walk from Ibiza town and on the beach. I recomend Figuretes very highly. It's beautiful and amazing. Not tacky at all w/ out all the families and stupid tacky shit. Very cool beach area and close to the fort and buses and the town. Los Molinos was the bomb. you can search for it on the web hotel los molinos in ibiza. It might be over $150 but it's awesome, balconies over the ocean, huge garden on the water. big pool, bar at the pool, breakfast, minibar 4 star hotel very nice. Check FIguretes... if you want to stay on the beach...
  5. Twilo had it coming. Charging $35 to be crammed in there like cattle and yelled at by burly bouncers. Scumbags were all about the money. They found a formula to work and expoited it. In the beginning it was very cool when PvD and Sasha & digweed first started - 2, 3, 4 years ago. let's see what happens now. Change can be good