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    i come from europe and i lived in u.s. and now im back in europe
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    various concret and abstract things
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    a dude
  1. attn: puck

    ok dude if you say im your friend thats all cool with me i know nothing of this fake crap so whatever kaydup and i have this pyshological double personality type of thing he may maybe puck or maybe i am kaydup who the hell really knows these days.........take fightclub for example.........exaclty what if you are all a creation of a simulatated world like that movie the 13 floor conclusion; live life cause its too short, fuck the rest
  2. You Guys are Great!!

    oh dont sweat, but hopefully you remember my name............you know was that dude......................i was around there, if you try to rthink about it a littlee bit harder you'll remember me ahah the hell with it.....................fuck you and her and he and that dude i was talking about.............. im all up for creating some anarchy on this boad the hell with rulez and crazy shit like that fuck it fuck it whos with me on this destruction thing
  3. TeamJ here ya go

    am i anywhere to be found on these SO called lists
  4. has anyone ever fantasized about a co-worker??

    i used fantasize about this teacher in highschool(will not a teacher really one of those ladies that talks to you about lifes problems) yep yep, this lady was fine as hell i would just bullshit all the time to just go there.....but lets keep it a secret cause there someone on the planet of clubs thats from that town and she is a teacher but she never let me know who she was. as for a co-worker, there a few times when it was worth it
  5. Why Men Wont Commit...

  6. Why are men attracted to asses so much?????

    here what i think, we like that wonderful work of nature when we fuck it we are way to attracted to nice asses and we just cant contain our attraction
  7. Why Men Wont Commit...

    we wont commit caz we see so many beautiful women and we want them all after the adventrues are over then we will commit and there it is the thesis on all men...........mabye not all
  8. guys----- i need help

    dude i say you go for it....like some other dude said play it out see whats going on, if you decide then go for it(but dont decide irrationally) i just realized that tastey is from germany.......dude im from romania.......and if you have these double thoughts about me being a gypsy then you can jsut fuck your self, im tired of you western europeans telling us romanians this shit.......we fucking hate them too so lay off with that sorry i just got a little routed up
  9. im european and most europeans have uncircumsized dicks personaly i take the news quite good , its a convertable, it feels good you get the best of both worlds. a toast to all of us who have uncircumsized dicks
  10. Can you date the "NICE guy"?

    i think this girl has the problem with herself, maybe deep inside she's this nice girl and she can"t (as the english would pronounce it) admit it. hum, maybe mabye just maybe i dont understand what people have against nice guys and/or nice girls. you know sooner or later you want to look for one of those people to spend the rest of your life. sweetheart if your in this expiremental stage as to find out who you are or what type of people work for you then just take it easy. personally i know what girls work for me and sooner or later im ging to settle down with a nice girl, but know im in my youth(21 next month) and im living it up. im not to worried if i fuck up in life caz in the end its all going ot be good for me, thats caz i know myself and what i want.
  11. Excuses to end or get out of a date

    thats a really interesting excuse vikii............so dd you ever did get those chairs? if i may i can arrange soemthing so you can get the best chairs in the world. "sorry sweetheart this isnt working for me.........i think im just going leave"
  12. USA loses heartbreaker to Germany

    i give the american fotbal team respect for getting this far.............and like nyis said.........it deff proofs that americans can survive iwth the big boys. bravo bravo...........you guys lost with respect
  13. Hot Female Cops...yummy...

    there is this russian sweetheart thats a cop and a model, the legs on this lady are amazing and her entire body is semetric and she has this beautiful smile.................(drooling on his pillow) man i tell i would love to ever get a chance
  14. Do we live????

    oh poor baby are you complaining about the weather........oh come here popa puck will give you a hug.
  15. A little OT...

    thiese smiles remind me of those dam smurfs