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  1. Word Association

  2. Hot Bitch...

    me too!
  3. How many girls here don't have orgasms from sex?

    hahaha tell me about it - I swear that when that happens I end up w/ some woman's version of blueballs
  4. Hot Bitch...

    she's hot (not crazy bout the tattoo), but I'd her
  5. How many girls here don't have orgasms from sex?

    yep I totally feel ya - I have come sooo close to cumming to only have him cum and I lose it . I am in the 80% catergory - haven't been able to cum from penatration alone. Have faked orgasms only 2 or 3 times (learned it did no one - especially me any good).
  6. Childless couple told to try sex ...

    hahahahah if that is actually true then I feel truely sorry for them, but come on I have known about sex and how it works since I was like 11. Its everywhere - how could they have no clue???
  7. I think he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey hun, been so caught up with shit lately, my bad, I definitely miss the board and everyone too BUT I'm back
  8. I think he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

    yep he is definitely droolworthy
  9. check out this chick's clit

    whatever those things are they are grossssssssssss
  10. the truth comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember that pic - that was great!!
  11. ** Sexaholics **

    Have to agree Monica, wow mama - lookin hotter everytime
  12. Here I am

    actually up for a while hun, but I eventually deleted them from my attachments. I left em for over a month - this thread is almost two mos. old - what do u expect should've checked it out when I originally posted!
  13. word on the street is.....cafeteria

    can't wait one more day!!
  14. Gotta love ART...

    Candy - like ur sig Naughtybabe - those pics are hilarious - love demi moore's nipple standing straight up
  15. Word Association