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  1. He's damn good! I wish I could reference something and tell someone to "Note" it....
  2. If YOU were to design a club...

    Does anyone know of a true Hardcore Room left in NYC? I miss dancing til my brain was mush...
  3. I would be pissed as well! I mean unless I was foolish to type something just WRONG and extremely offensive... other wise I'd expect my words to be seen... Has it happen to you?
  4. and the night.... and even after "after-hours"...
  5. Well said and congrats on # 600!
  6. "..." & "BuMp" Got Deleted b/c Joe G. reminded Dave

    Instead of "Bump" we should start with "delete"
  7. DaVe has spoken.... *hears the twilight zone music*
  8. HAHA Yes and Club USA will be the place to go again!
  9. The Tunnel.... at one point in time those words meant a VERY, VERY good night. The days of the fuzzy room leaves fuzzy memories...
  10. ladies : bikinis/bathing suits

    So... I guess this isn't a thread for the guys huh? *smiles* Enjoy the sun...no matter what you end up wearing! ------------------ "Did dumb shit, that made me wise..."
  11. Ok... First... sincerely sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately I know too many people in a very similar situation. Too many people making too much money and spending it too quickly.. Second... bills are going to be there until you deal with them. I don't want to get too personal but there are many ways to pay off bills and not hurt your credit. 1) if they're Credit Card bills then try calling your C-card companies and telling them your a little low for the next few months... believe it or not.. most of the companies have plans where they try to help you out... even stop or lower interest rates and finance charges for a set amount of time like 6 months. 2) there are many good FREE non-for-profit organizations that will take all your bills and make you pay one lower amount per month. If you are interested I can give you a few names of Organizations... Third... truth is there are some guys and girls that do SUCK! Really bad... but not everyone! Start surrounding yourself with people that don't have as much stress as you already have... chill with more positive people with positive things going on in their lives... then you will start to feel better. Sooner or later a good guy will walk into your life and ask you out... he will win your heart and treat it well! Just my thoughts... feel free to email me or PM if you would like to chat more... I hope you feel better! Tom ------------------ "Did dumb shit, that made me wise..."
  12. Hypocrites..

    Not many things in this world are worse. Too many people fall into traps that make them a Hypocrite... people should be more comfortable expressing their thoughts, dreams, beliefs and feelings! The ironic thing is... I'm a salesman by trade yet I'm probably one of the most blunt and honest people I know. How's that for breaking a stereotype! Keep a look out for Hypocrites... they EVERYWHERE! ------------------ "Did dumb shit, that made me wise..."
  13. anyone want to take me out?

    dreams2: check your PM ------------------ "Did dumb shit, that made me wise..."
  14. Love Parade

    A good friend of mine was there last year and brought home a CD from there... AMAZING! I originally was thinking of going next year but lately her and I have been talking about it... are you going for sure? ------------------ "Did dumb shit, that made me wise..."
  15. anyone notice...........

    Corporate america will do anything to get the attention of our age group.... sometimes they pull it off - sometimes they destroy the meaning of the music. ------------------ "Did dumb shit, that made me wise..."