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  1. oh yea and the only reason they are still open is because its the only place you can go and get served @ 16.
  2. Ive also was a veterain of the old facades, i used to go every friday night b4 - i would head down to big fridays at the roxy. Dj Dennis used to rock the house. All he used to play was straight out house. it was great, you cant find to many rooms in that area that can go with out playing hip-hop,(and this he did). I admired him for this. then last year after the long summer in the hamptons i headed on over there and was in for a disapointment. I walk up into the booth and did not see the dj i along waited to hear, instead i got some nerd playing some old ass shit. (and boy did he suck). i was there no more then a hour. as i left i asked the old blond at the door what had happend to dennis and the answer they gave me was they fired him. so i ask why they said because of the music. What were they thinking - u get rid of house and play hip-hop and old stuff. Now look at them a club in the past. And as for the dj there now (jazzy Jay) he was the MC ( what does he know ) he never could talk on beat, what makes you think he could mix one. hey facades lets get with the times!!!!!!!!!!! [This message has been edited by djfreeze (edited 10-17-2000).]