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  1. Best commic ever.

    why is this on the drama board?
  2. JOEG is the queen of spades! (drama free version)

    who knows. i'm sure my bitchy pushy post won't help matters much, but i had to say it.
  3. JOEG is the queen of spades! (drama free version)

    justin wake up you fucking idiot!!!!!!!! stop trying to justify your behavior by quailifying your posts. it doesn't make it right just because you told people to respond only if they think it's funny. you've offended your friend and you need to go into damage control. BE A MAN. edit your posts and remove the pictures and apologize publicly on the board to your friend. DO IT NOW!
  4. Vaseline, Magazines, Tangerines,

    please clue me in. are these song lyrics?
  5. >>RUMORS...True or FALSE...Add Your OWN...<<

    FALSE. too much money to be made from these cures. also, cancer affects people in the government and their families as much as anyone. if they want to control the population, they should give out free birth control and legalize abortions nation wide. definitely FALSE.
  6. >>RUMORS...True or FALSE...Add Your OWN...<<

    of course not. how could they contain an epidemic to certain demographics? they can't, for a myriad of reasons, so i say FALSE.
  7. Twilo Promoters Found a Full Time Job...

    What exactly was your point?
  8. Yeah... So... Justin....

    is he trying to be mugz jr? trying to be clever but failing miserably? maybe he should go back to his one-word posts........
  9. Twilo Promoters Found a Full Time Job...

    i believe there's a psytrance party there put on by www.tsunami-trance.com
  10. Scottish chick needs your help!

    they have a dj spinning 80's stuff in the tapioca room at centro fly on fridays......it's hard to find so ask where it is when you get there.
  11. Preference:A guy with a car or apt?

    no dogs!
  12. Preference:A guy with a car or apt?

    a nice clean car with a smooth ride and good sound system PLUS an apartment (no roommate/doorman/with rooftop access) in the city works for me. just bein' honest.
  13. Ladies... if you found out...

    and what about you? if your girlfriend told you she was pregnant, would you believe it was yours?
  14. Vin Diesel

    that picture is too tiny to see anything.
  15. Preference:A guy with a car or apt?

    yeah let's see it big boy!