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  1. 1st Techno night at Discotheque!

    how much is this party? and is there a dress code? never been to discoteque before. also any info on time slots would be cool..........thanks
  2. **DJ DELIRIUM** Saturday, May 4 th....

    hey sq1 ya got a list for this party, I wanna hit it with my friend who lives in new paltz but he stopped partyin around 98'.....so the cheaper it is the easier it'll be to convince him to go. he's a bit jaded and all but I want him to come back and represent with me.
  3. maaaaan I had such a good time at this party. my first time seeing seb and I'll definitely be back to see him in a month. The crowd also seemed to agree, a lot of good old yelling and hand clapping, I don't have one bad thing to say about the night, had a ball. y'all should try and check him out next month.
  4. Yo i've been to the global bass parties thrown at the limelight before and you definitely wear whatever you want, i've seen people wearing shorts in there.