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  1. Monday morning DT roll call

    dooooood...I dont know dooooooooood
  2. The Truth behind Barbie Slut!

  3. went to platnum friday night

    The toilet seat warmers are being installed next week...I think this modification will bring in an extra 100-200 people.
  4. Thursday at Platinum?

    Oh silly...the only thing I can think of was a remix of an R&B song....I forget the song, but theere was no hip hop. That's like hearing the Jonathan Peter's Garth Brooks dub and Sound Factory and saying "Damn, he's playing country music".
  5. Platinum with Denny

    I gotta check that place out...I always have intentions of going, but end up at the shore.
  6. Platinum with Denny

    No, you're right...def not a classy choice of words...just trying to shed some humor on this whole thing.
  7. Platinum with Denny

    Girl, don't attack me on a message board. I have nothing to prove to you.
  8. Thursday at Platinum?

    Dude- We're not open on Mondays.
  9. Platinum with Denny

    I'm so sure you are all arguing about the amount of people that clicked through the door. ahaahahahaha......Why do ANY of you care? Platinum did well that night. Bunkas probably did well too, and none of you saw any significant amount of that money go in your pockets. Ya see where I'm going with this? You're wasting your time. Is you're ultimate goal/agenda to make Bunkas or Platinum go out of business? lol....If so, you're a dick and you really need a new hobby, but also, it's not gonna happen..especially from a bunch of people posting on a board. Sorry to dissapoint. I'm starting to understand why people hate the Jersey scene. It's such a shame. Stop arguing about things that don't really even concern you. It's not you're club. Try to have some fun....that's what the scene is about...having fun, getting ass, listening to new beats..... or keep arguing about nonsense. Such an angry group of people.... relax kids! -Slate
  10. Thursday at Platinum?

    Rob- It's gonna be off the hinges. -Slate
  11. Platinum with Denny

    All of you- 1) You love negative publicity. I think you're all pretty damn funny. Just think about how ridiculous you are. Think about what you spend you're time doing. lmfao. 1) there were about 700 people in the club. I check the counters every hour.
  12. For anyone who...

    Glad to hear everyone enjoyed Mike Mac. I'll be sure to bring him back to Platinum VERY soon. -Slate
  13. Club Platinum on Saturdays?

    Spygirl..you got all the info correct. Fridays and Saturdays have def been good..Saturdays doing a little better. I'm gonna miss Droog, Amatucci and Mike Mac this week that sucks!!!! but next week is gonna be redic too, cant wait for that Fri-Tsettos...one of my DJ gods Sat-Mike Ski's Birthday Party and live on KTU also. Gonna be RE-dic. Then Baez the week after that.
  14. Platinum This weekend

    Amatucci on Friday Night Sal Dano on Saturday night www.clubplatinumonline.com
  15. Thanks to Swank

    I want all of you to think before you believe things because this is the second time this happened...when we opened, everyone said Vicious wasn't coming because he didn't think it was gonna be good...lmfao....Let's think rationally here for a second because I know you are all bright people...let's say you are a DJ...I offer you between $1000 and $10,000 to spin at a club for a night. I have already paid you a percentage of that and broadcast your name all over the radio and newspapers. The day you are supposed to spin, you say "hmmm...maybe I'll just cancel and sit on my ass tonight and watch the Grinch who stole Christmas. Who cares if I never get hired again anywhere because I am unreliable....who cares if I get sued because of this silly contract...who cares if I have to give back this money..." No, my friends... Think people, think. As usual...nuthin but luv- Slate