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  1. "In Your Eyes" @ Tempts

    Thanks for the words of wisdom.
  2. "In Your Eyes" @ Tempts

    ....being a music critic and all. :blown:
  3. jersey summer club scene

    No he didn't! (is there something you would like to share??) :clap:
  4. Saturday Sept.14th....

    That's right!
  5. Saturday Sept.14th....

    It never hurts to ask....right??? :spin2:
  6. Saturday Sept.14th....

    Will Laurie09245830497534. 3/4 be banned from Deko? Things that make you say....hmmmmmmmm:confused:
  7. Ceeotter's Late Weekend Review!!!!

    LOL!!!!! :clap:
  8. Mark Amatucci's Birthday!!!

    I miss you. :love:
  9. Who is the hottest DJ this summer????

    I'm going to be nice today.
  10. well although i wasnt down the shore this weekend nor have i ever been on this board before i have to say it was very interesting to learn the things i have learned. First off i know some of u inside and out and others , i cant wait to get to know however, i feel know ing the things i know i need to expose u all to the truth since u are all so against people who make up lies to hide behind or make them selves look better.. Last time i checked someones sabb was a tracker and none of the cars in there family have onstar.... perhaps that someone should get onstar to guide them back to the real world and their really life... someone who is so into temps should know that its not "danny" by now especailly since they claim to be so close to him and manny . Have a great weekend everyone! This was when Laurie was lying about her car
  11. Weekend Review!!!

  12. Getting To Know You?

    THIS IS GREAT! This is when Laurie pretended her Dad was buying her a car !