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  1. Who's Horney?

    me me me... but when am i not? ------------------ lalala
  2. O godddddd

    when you say "lil" how "lil" do you mean?? ------------------ lalala
  3. a guy...in a thong.. NO! ------------------ lalala
  4. TRAUMA!!!!!

    he was deff. holdin hands tho..theres no doubt about it.. and the whole fucking his cousin.. what the hell was i supposed to do, i didnt know it was his cousin the first time, and the second time he hadnt been giving me any for a LONG time because he was to busy with his man... i needed to get it from somewhere.. and the damage with his cousin was allready done. ------------------ lalala
  5. TRAUMA!!!!!

    the other day, i was on SOBE with one of ,my friends, and i saw my b/f with a group of friends.. so me and my friend were trying to catch up to him, and the crowd began to part, and he was holding hands with another man!!!! WHAT DO I DO!!!!!??? MY B/F WAS WITH ANOTHER MAN!! ------------------ lalala
  6. is it normal?

    . ------------------ lalala
  7. should i tell..?

    omg i think this is the meanest thing someone has ever said to me in my life. , you just made me burst into tears. i didnt know it was possible for people to be that mean... if only you knew.. ------------------ lalala
  8. What is K?

    ive been hearing about K alot..and i have no idea what it is? ------------------ lalala
  9. should i tell..?

    i just found out that one of the guys ive been with..while with my boyfriend..is my b/f's cousin.. about 2 months ago, i was out of town, and i went to a party with a friend of mine..i met this guy, and had the best sex ive ever had.. now, about 2 days ago, my bf told me his cousin from out of town was coming down to look for a place to live.. when i met him, we both exchanged smiles, and the first chance we got... we went at it again, and now i feel guilty..what should i do? ------------------ lalala
  10. is there hope?!

    im 18... ------------------ lalala
  11. is it normal?

    for guys to masturbate together? i was with my b/f's friend, and he was telling me stories about him masturbating with a group of guys..and i think my b/f is being included in these "groups"..but im not sure...is this normal??? ------------------ lalala
  12. And if your man ain't giving you any ...

    hey hey hey, why did u put my picture there???!!!! ------------------ lalala
  13. WHY???

    why am i so fucking horney all the time?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ------------------ lalala
  14. is there hope?!

    is there ANY way i can stop being so horny all the time!! its going to end up getting me in trouble! how do i control my sexual cravings?!!? ------------------ lalala
  15. Is it wrong...

    yay i did it all by myself!! btw thanks! ------------------ lalala