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  1. PvD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its gonna be a long 5 days.
  2. most of my friends have settled down with a gf, or are getting married. well alot of them havent been comming out. as far as the single scene, i can understand not commin out to hook up. but as far as the scene as a culture, if you love a dj, or just enjoying being in the environment, you should never stop. i dont plan to stop going to see good dj's for a long LONG time. it makes me sad that alot my friends feel like they are too old to party. my friend that introduced me to great dj's acts like hes "better" than the people that go out to parties. i feel like hes being totally hippocrytical since the original intent of goign to these parties was to be free and open. but either way, if you love the culture id say dont ever stop. the exceptions are if your a guido who likes taking off his shirt or wearing 50$ wife beaters at parties. then you should stop RIGHT NOW! PLEASE!
  3. The Scene. What is it to you

    nicely put for the scene as a whole. my ideal scene though, is a place where i can be free...
  4. PVD at Spirit. WOW

    just here to say, it reminded me of twilo. and the 40$, fuck that that night was priceless. ps. pvd needs no pills.
  5. true life i have a summer share

    contrary to belief. the people who live down the shore are not guidos that wind up on mtv true life. they arent that great i admit, but they are nowhere near as low as... well beny's.... btw its spelled beny. either way, i grew up there but im neither a local or a beny now. it just makes me laugh that the beny's think they own the place. unless i have it wrong and tommy was actually local, i thought he was from north jersey... to tell you the truth, i wasnt paying attention to the tv when it was on.
  6. true life i have a summer share

    as local as they think they are, nothing changes the fact that all those people are beny's
  7. CAR Engine

    call your local junkyards. although a 2000 is not that old, so you may have some trouble.
  8. Got a question for u college students..

    lol, rutgers is one of the best schools around. and unless you think people at goldman sachs, morgan stanley, ubs... etc etc are morons also, i will TELL you (not ask) that your wrong. if the bureacracy is what erks you, then honestly you shoulda went to a smaller school.
  9. NYU Suicides

    anyone who talks crap about ivy league schools gotta stop hating. who knows why they did it. just give their families your prayers. p.s. - im not an ivy leaguer, in all honestly i think school is and was a waste of time... and yes i am a graduate.
  10. A new role for De Niro: cancer patient

    hes not dead. they expect him to recover. I wish him all the luck in the world.
  11. PVD @ RoXy Review

    i heard he sucked in san fran as well. whats goin on with him? =( im a huge pvd fan myself, pains me to hear he is having dissapointing sets. good thing i didnt go last night and decided to goto lunitarium tonight.
  12. PvD @ Virgin Megastore (Union Square)

    is roxy gonna be packed? i heard last time it wasnt that bad, but wasnt that bad for pvd could mean you have 2 inches around you instead of a buncha wifebeaters glued against your body.
  13. does Kappa Omega Kappa count? How about Delta Omega Gamma? and if your not in a sorority/fraternity, you really dont know what its all about right? so you guys shouldnt be bad mouthing them.
  14. NO DOUBT, CYNTHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw her twice in the last few years. and yes, george lamond is a freakin midget, he was singing drunk when i saw him. theres a freestyle thing being thrown by ktu in a few weeks at... (forgive me for saying this name...) exit. but hey, given the trend, i guess theres really no better place to have it right? =) p.s. - to redeem myself from any comments above i just want to note that im going to arc this friday.