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  1. C'mon Jeb Bush

    What the fuck were you talking about in your speech just now...just tell them the truth...you know absolutely nothing and were out sniffing cocaine with George. Then this whole mess will all go away..George will win the election, and then I can kick his drunk ass in 4 years. Also, in case you forgot, we have our deal...you lick my pussy until my third world intern comes in to town...and there will be no mention of sexual relations..because eating my pussy isn't really sexual...it is more like an exploration into the desert...
  2. Hillary...

    thank you so much for your support...I will now do everything in my power to make everything in this state as good for my pussy as possible...in other words...no sexual relations. Oh, what state am I governor, I mean senator for..New York...where is that again? All ny currency will now be the following:
  3. VOTE BUSH.. (nm)

    It is fine if you vote for Bush...then I can definitely run and beat that coke-sniffing republicans pants off in 4 years. Ooooh, if he takes his pants off and I suck his cock..is that sexual relations? I DONT THINK SO...
  4. Attention New York State: Hillary Clinton Speaks

    bump----for my great supporter Biglex thank you baby I love you
  5. PVD for President?!?!

    Are you telling me that you voted for me. Oh my god..you must have seen my earlier post that adressed my MAJOR issues and policies..I will bump that up just in case you missed it...but I hope you voted for me not in hopes that you would be my third world intern who would eat my pussy for nutrition, not sexual relations...he has already been chosen. By the way, have you heard about my ties to Arrafat? They are true. I am not only anti-semetic, I also hate gays, blacks, hispanics, asians, and especially New Yorkers (did I say that). It is all part of my scheme to be the first woman president whose former-president husband had is cock sucked by a fat pig whose and said it wasnt sexual relations. But I guess its too late, you already voted for me. Thank you -Hillary Clinton
  6. Attention New York State: Hillary Clinton Speaks

    This is the tight black outfit I was referring to above...Lazio...you better get your tight little ass over here NOW...my whip is waiting... -Hillary Clinton
  7. Attention New York State: Hillary Clinton Speaks

    Thank you so much for your support. Do you have a younger brother who lives in a third world country who would like to eat my pussy for survival..it is not sexual relations by the way, in case you were confused. Also, you can tell him that I don't have THAT many flies by my pussy..but the ones that are there provide nutrition so it is ok. Also, do you have any recommendations where I should live. Isn't New York somewhere near California?
  8. Attention New York State: Hillary Clinton Speaks

    this is my intern..do not be offended...it is for his best interest..and it is not sexual relations..therefore not statutory rape...
  9. I pledge to the State of New York, that upon winning the Senate Election, I will do my best to uphold the political quality that my husband Billy set forth before me. My first order of business as the new, New York Senate is to have my hot cunt licked by a young boy intern that will come from a select pool of 79 cents a day third world country inhabitants, as selected by Sally Struthers. When this young boy licks my pussy, I assume it will become a big scandle, so I hereby attest to the following: it is not actually sex...the boy will be very hungry so him eating my pussy will be my way of giving him food. This is to stop any kind of questioning as to the similarity of eating for survival and eating for me to have a wet sloppy orgasm in the face of a young, impressionable, third-world country living, intern. Furthermore, I will not actually live anywhere near New York, because I am worried that Giuliani's reign of terror of NYC will eventually lead to the demise of ALL clubs, including the Vault..which I particularly like to go to and dress up in my sexy little black leather corset and spank Rick Lazio's tight Italian ass. He is not really running against me, it is his duty as my slave-boy to pretend to run so that I can win this election in a landslide, without really knowing anything about the Senate or New York at all. I will however reside in another state..to be determined later. Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to Bill for making this all possible, without you, I would still think that having my pussy eaten and my ass invaded by two rednecks simulataneously was considered sexual relations. You are my hero. -Hillary Clinton