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  1. CENTRO - FLY thanksgiving eve (promoters wanted)

    You can reach me at 516-680-5672 for tickets and there is no list the night of the party. no ticket- no entry- there are only a certain # of tickets printed, and it entitles you to no waiting on line, vip room acess (if you meet the vip doorman discrection) [This message has been edited by cantalupo (edited 11-08-2000).]
  2. CENTRO - FLY thanksgiving eve (promoters wanted)

    hey rich i need more tickets, they are selling like crazy. People heard about the dj's and are calling me for tickets ou of control. i will meet you tonight to pick up 25 more tickets thanks jen
  3. CENTRO - FLY thanksgiving eve (promoters wanted)

    i heard the dj's from ibizia are spinnig there, i am going to call , i need 12 tickets how much are they