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  1. I hate when people ask to drink my water: 1) I don't know what germs you have. 2) You don't know what germs I have. 3) If don't have any money, then take repsonsibility for yourself and get in line for the fountain. I have not problem giving out cigarettes, gum, whatever. But I don't you other people's lips on my water bottle.
  2. Fontaine at Twilo on the 12th

    Are you sure he's from Philly? He told me he was from the pasture, because that's where he finds the cows for when he listens to Sandra Collins! (tee hee) The other blonde
  3. I know this is going to sound ignorant but what type of music is smith/selway? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the review! I've never been but am very curious about it. They always seem to have house on the weekends so I'm never there.
  5. Yep -sorry. I was talking about NYE. I will not be there on Friday. Is anyone going NYE?
  6. Its $75 if you buy your tickets ahead of time. It'll be more at the door that night - I'm guessing it'll be $100. I'm in for the meetup. 3am? I'll be wearing super high platform white go-go boots and I have an arm band tatoo on my right arm. I'll be there with my most favorite club adventurer, who is also fellow ClubNYC board member. See you there!
  7. I think I'd like to check it out. I haven't been out to a smaller party in a while and i think its time. See you guys there!
  8. I find guys are more likely than girls. Most of the guys I know definately follow a pattern.