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  1. PARIS FAQ...

    French, ehhh. You ain't in with that fruitcake Laurent Garnier are you? And whats up with friggin Jerry Lewis? You guys are friggin wack jobs. BTW- I am willing to give head for unreleased acetates of Alanis Morrisette farting remixed by BT. I know its off topic but I gotta get the word out. Paul "BINARYFINARYISNTARECORDITSAWAYOFLIFE" Van Dyk Vandit Records
  2. And they ask me why I love New York! You guys wait in line in the wind and rain for two hours, get packed in to a nasty hot pushy shovey over stuffed club at $35 a head, and your all so wacked out of your gords that you don't notice that I'm playing the same shit as last time and the time before that, AND SO ON, AND SO ON, AND SO ON... Tell Me why - i swear you guys must be humoring me or something, i mean do new yorkers ever get tired of this crap? We Are Alive - played this little gem twice! Were any of you coherent enough to notice! Rollercoaster - Oakeys Courtyard Mix, if any other DJ played that they would have been booed off, but for me you all threw your hands in the air and screamed, fucking classic! For An Angel - Need I say more? But you guys just ate it up!!! And how did my little "jacket" during the encore routine go over? I am a genius, lets see friggin Sasha and Digweed pull that off! Lets see Digweed play Heaven friggin Scent for an ecore, he would never live it down! Or Sasha could play Scorchio, he would loose his friggin residency!!! But I play For an Angel and everyone eats it up!! Cuz they suck and I rule!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr "NOPAULWEDONTNEEDANYVANDITREMIXESOFVOICES" Digweed. I LOVE NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul "NOTHATWASNTTELLMEWHYAGAINYOURJUSTROLLINGREALLYHARD" Van Dyk Vandit Records
  3. B2B, Does Taucher really have a new track out (*drooooooool*), are was that just more or your wacky British humor- oops sorry i mean "humour". Paul "IFB2BREALLHASANEWTAUCHERTRACKIMGONNAOFFERTOGODOWNONHIMFORIT,BUTIMNOTGONNAPLAYITOUTONGIGSJUSTINMYHOMESTUDIO" Van Dyk Mute Recores - Germany
  4. 8)Binary Finary-1998 (PVD Mix)
  5. First of all its "DaVe" not Dave, Dave is the English chap known as Back2Basics. DaVe is the boards admin guy. He's actually a really cool guy. He says he prefers "the power to move" but believe me when I tell you this: DaVe has the power to delete and he uses it often. Somtimes he deletes hamless posts and screen names, while a lot of the really malicious names and posts stay for ever. It really makes absolutly no sense at all. You would expect it from Dmitry cause he is a self proclaimed GHB and Ketamine addict (read his site if you think I'm jivin'). But come on DaVe, whats going on here? I mean show me some love, I'm Paul friggin Van Dyk for gods sake! Paul "IFDaVeDELETESTHISSCREENNAMEIMGONNAREGISTERUNDERANEWIPANYWAYANDMYPOSTSARENTMALICIOUSORHARMFULSOWHYDOESHEDELETETHEMANLETTHEREALTROUBLECAUSERSSTAY" Van Dyk Vandit Records
  6. Ha Ha, Sasha's site sucks booty

    So you want to play dirty, ehh Pete? I am going to have some of my Goomba mafia ties direct some of their "cooperative" city union people to add GHB to the water line going into Twirl. As you all drink your stoli's and orange juice, the ice will melt into your glasses leading the impending GHB commas that are so common place in Chelsea. As you and your message board cohorts are "slipping into darkness (the darkness is calling you)" I will have your life less bodies carried inconspicuously to Twilo where you will all be stuffed into a rather large janitorial closet. That is unless you give me.... ....ONE HUNDRED BILLION BINARY FINARY REMIXES!!!! MWUAAAHH HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA MWUAAAHH HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA Paul "DOCTOREVIL" Van Dyk Mute Records - Germany