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  1. Psycho @ Rive Gauche???

    I totally agree, they have to make money. And I have never had any problem with Rive Gauche, they probably have the friendliest staff in the business. And if they can bring some talent in there it will blow up.. ------------------
  2. Good Morning!!!

    Unfortunately for some the weekend doesn't start for about 8 hours... But once that time rolls around I will be a happy camper. Defenately see you tomorrow... ------------------
  3. Anyone hear from Chicago Fusion.com?

    Kim can post on boards, but can't reply to emails.. Now I'm really angry. Here comes the fight... fight..... that bmitch was talking about and Kimmy will lose... ------------------
  4. Anyone hear from Chicago Fusion.com?

    Bouncy?? What woman? I don't bounce.. or do I? Now you are giving me a complex, and again I will say, never dancing again, ever! ------------------
  5. Anyone hear from Chicago Fusion.com?

    at least you can give credit where credit is due, you know it takes skills to dance to that music, and look good doing it on top of that.. uh oh, cocky mood again today.... ------------------
  6. Anyone hear from Chicago Fusion.com?

    Kim, why do you have to go and embarrass me publicly, I will admit, I was dancing to that crap.. Oh your so dead... I was drunk as hell you dork. And I was dancing and making fun of the music at the same time. That's it, Brandon is never dancing again.... ever.... I am now going to be one of those guys on the side of the dancefloor bobbing his head... Roxbury anyone??? ------------------
  7. Good Morning!!!

    Der, none of that this weekend... for me anyway. What are you doing tonight?? I think we are going to have a little preparty at my house and then a little after party at my house... I live in Lombard.. right by Kim, you should come around sometime... ------------------
  8. Anyone hear from Chicago Fusion.com?

    I think that Mars seriouly needs to rethink their musical selection too.. That music f'ing sucks. I heard songs like Lick It, and Short Dick Men... Come on... And yes Kim it is a conspiracy, a conspiracy to get more pictures of you on the internet for wombat to post on these boards... ------------------
  9. Psycho @ Rive Gauche???

    and the really good part? You can go to there website www.rivegauchenightclub.com and put you and 4 guests on the list, free admission before midnight... I used to go there every friday, but lately we have all been in the mood for something new... ------------------
  10. Tracy Tobey, Friday May 18th

    consider me there. If we get a long list of names I could probably get us a <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guestlist</A> ... save us all a few bucks.. ------------------
  11. Thank you all!

    Scratch, don't you want to save all that chit chat for the meetup saturday? If we tell all our personal info here then we will all be silent at Iggy's... You are going right?? ------------------
  12. All Time Top 5 "Cheese" Songs!!!

    Thank you djustinh, at least someone else here knows where I am coming from to each his own... ------------------
  13. Anyone hear from Chicago Fusion.com?

    I think that site is pretty weak compared to some of our other nightlife guides on the web. like www.chicagoscene.com and www.citysearch.com. They have much more info then chicagofusion.com... and what's up with this psycho at Rive Gauche rumor? ------------------
  14. Psycho @ Rive Gauche???

    anyone else heard about this. I heard that Psycho Bitch is spinning at Rive Gauche on Thursday May 24th with other special guest DJ's?? I tried to email rive gauche to see if the rumor is true, and haven't heard back yet. If it is true I think that it might be a night to attend.. ------------------
  15. All Time Top 5 "Cheese" Songs!!!

    Did I ever say that I didn't respect your opinion? NO!, but calling someone a sellout, or cheese just because you don't like them is pretty shatty. Or should I say shatty aye!!! They don't play ATB in clubs, like I said it's better chill out music aye!!! The cold up north must be freezing your ears. ATB's sound is like no one else's. Its smooth, mellow and has really good beats. It's just not really something you can dance to. Anyhow, I am respecting you opinion now we can drop this whole thing aye!!!! ------------------