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  1. Thanks, will you hold my hand and show me round? Well all i can say is i feel naked. PLEASE somebody help me with my username.
  2. aww you see you know me already... it's funny before i knew i could't post, i tried to post something in the VOTE FIXING thread. What i tied to post you posted word for word, *spooky* ewweewewewewwweweweweuuu
  3. What are they doing to me! You see DaVe goes away on a 'research trip', and it all falls apart... pOOh, havent you noticed we are taking over, first this board then NY... New York, England doesn't that have a nice ring to it?
  4. Yeh just stay out of it for a while. It will still be there when you have enjoyed life without the drugs (which is so importatant). Change your freinds, do normal things for a while, then the temptation will be less. I have been there and the scene kept me locked in until i took myself away for a while.
  5. I know, and a crapy username.... i want compensation... flashing stars will do
  6. Help webmaster, anybody when i try to post under back2basics it always says my password is wrong.
  7. Sorry but stay away from my arse. Regina i just dont like my best feature going to waste