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  1. Snood

    You can use the code to use the aimer just press x every time you go to a different board, also the key m takes away mistakes you made! I am up to 536,000... The down fall of it is if you are trying to compete against people don't tell them what the cheese next to your name means, they will no you cheated! Good luck...
  2. Snood

    Umm all I have to say is do not register... My father registered and all they did was take the money and never sent him the registration number. I found this code and if you enter it exactly the way it is shown you will be registered! EkaYkWkpsfDPNV6Kiwgd
  3. would u get a tattoo...

    I got my ex-boyfriends name tattooed across my lower back, his friend did it and said if we ever break up he would cover it up for me. I did it just to prove to him that I was 100% faithful to him and that I wanted to be with him forever.. Right now I have his name still on my back and regret ever doing it. Forever isn't etched in stone. We said forever, and we broke up a short time later... If he trusted me like he should have we wouldn't be apart now, but insecurity is a killer... When we broke up he got my name across his stomach he said it's because I am someone he will remember for the rest of his life... I will never do it again...... Even if I am married, because those vows aren't always real!
  4. 0o0"TRAFFIC"0o0

    This movie was great! it was sort of made like a pulp fiction. The daughter that was in it is she the same girl who is in the Dance movie that is coming out this Friday?
  5. any investment bankers here??

    I work for Investment Bankers and the analysts here are in at 8:30 out by like 2 a.m. we found one analyst sleeing under his desk once. He basically lived in the office. Other then getting your expenses paid for that job basically sucks.
  6. PETS

    I have a kitten named Jay Jay. He's light grey and white and has a stump for a tail. I also have a 1yr old American staffordshire terrier named Star. She's so cute.
  7. where does everyone work?

    I work for A.G. Edwards out of Boston. For Investment Bankers. I don't even know why I am here. Only me and another jerk who is sitting in his office reading the paper. Just being an ass cause he has no life and won't send me home.. Oh well and they said oh you only have to come in 9-3 wtf.. Wow give me a break.