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  1. spirit tonite?

  2. any list available tonite? don't mind paying to go there but the door issue is always a headache. Just looking forward to hearing your set & morillo.
  3. spirit tonite?

    insight is appreciated!
  4. tonite

    any clue how SPIRIT is tonite?
  5. Sat Night?????

    Thanks! Do you have a list for world? I know they are very selective, so iam going with five girls.
  6. where should i go this weekend????

    []I have the same dilemma! Looking for a cool spot with good music and cool crowd. I already checked out exit and saci and not going back for a while. Is world a good place to take candy?? peace!
  7. Sat Night

    went to exit last saturday and didn't feel right. No vibe, ok music early even though it got better later on in the night. I heard world is too overhyped but great looking women! I might try it for the first time.
  8. Sat Night?????

    Any suggestions for sat night besides twilo or SF. World? Ohms? Saci? Centro-Fly? Cheetah? Looking for a spot with mixed crowd and good music-Trance/house! Will be at SF for after hours!
  9. Sat Night

    Where is the spot to be? (Besides SF or Twilo) How is world? ohms? centrofly? looking for place that plays tance/hard house! Opinions on these places! Suggestions?
  10. thursday nite

    any suggestions for tonite?