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  1. Clubbing in San Francisco

    I am from Manhattan and in the bay area right now. I am looking for the most exclusive club in San Francisco. The more models the better. My regular hang is Lotus, and I can get on any <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guest list</A> . Please help. [email protected]
  2. Lance from N'SYNC - - - - - -

    i think they were having a party on 57th St near Park Ave on Saturday. unless i heard wrong... but there were like 25 limos outside there at 3:30 AM as i was walking home
  3. Studio 54 VIP lounge

    is it still in the kitchen???

  5. after saci, i want to go to another club. how is sway tonight? what about NV? which club has the most exclusive scene in New York tonight????
  6. what is good on Friday?

    if Float is B&T and Saci has fights, then what is good? how about sway...or NV (pauly shore's party)?
  7. if float is gonna be a B&T crowd, and saci has fights, then what club is good on Friday night? perhaps NV (pauly shore's party)...
  8. saci or float?

    can anyone tell me which will be the better party for tonight? i could go to both...
  9. lotus thurs

    yo. lotus was very cool tonight. the whole staff, i should say, was totally friendly and generous. anyone have a better thurs?
  10. Chaos Wednesdays

    thanx. likewise!
  11. Chaos Wednesdays

    thanks for the suggestion, mikey! however, i already arranged to take 3-4 women to Float on Fri (no small feat). i'll remember next weekend, though. I also want to meet Pauly Shore at NV. I think he is really funny...
  12. Chaos Wednesdays

    just got back from Chaos, where it was slamming. Can anyone say that there is a better club for Wed. nights? I'm goin to Lotus tomorrow night then NV and Float on Friday. any better ideas? good night.