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    When i was 9 i saw my mom blowing 4 guys in a McDonalds parking lot.
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  1. LORRY ROZMAN--------->!

    She has recovered from her iodine poisoning, thank god , it's been close to 5 years.
  2. LORRY ROZMAN--------->!

    I mean its alot of shrimp.
  3. **Happy Birthday DGMODEL**

  4. hello again

  5. Dear Slickslider

    It's really me.
  6. Attn: NMN/Mikdadondondon22 and ghhhhhhhost

    cp chat is dead son.
  7. Attn: NMN/Mikdadondondon22 and ghhhhhhhost

    old news niggga we been had that shit.
  8. Attn Mikdadondon22 and Ghhhost

    ahhh the good old days.
  9. Attn Smokesum:

  10. Crobar Closing?

    [19:35] B a36: he showed me the Din-MAK! Amazing.
  11. Brian M

    BrianM eats feces
  12. Attn: Higgins

    holy shit, LMAO